Palringo Gold edition supports Facebook, iChat and QQ

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Palringo instant messaging application is now available in a gold edition for BlackBerry. The application has walkie-talkie style voice (vocal instant messaging), real-time text chat and the ability to share pictures and location. The gold edition now includes support for Facebook, iChat and QQ.

Check out screenshots of their latest build on Flickr.

Palringo has made an effort to update their app based on feedback from the BETA. In particular, the connection issues identified in the BETA version have been resolved.

Download the latest Gold edition of Palringo FREE.

  • carrie
    Palringo doesn't support qq anymore.. It is so sad to us?! And I don't know why they don't support qq?? Can someone tell me?
  • fei
    I am having trouble logging into QQ. Always get the error message. Gtalk was good though.
  • sandorh (sandor holzer)
  • sharondille (Sharon Dille)
    Palringo Gold edition supports Facebook, iChat and QQ | BlackBerry ...
  • DW
    How secure is Palringo?
    I have installed and registered an account for this software. However, I stopped when I start adding IM services. I am not comfortable giving them the username and password. Has anyone done any analysis about the security of the username and password that we provided to the software? Are those stored locally on my device our at their servers?
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