mCaller BETA users update – new features and upgrades

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the mCaller BETA program. We received some great comments and feedback. In response, mCaller has made several improvements to their product and they have implemented several new features which will be released with version 2.1.

Things which have been added:

  • Universal compatibility with the majority of devices running OS 4.2.1 and later, including GPRS, CDMA and I-DEN devices
  • Failsafe data transfer upgrades, ensuring that all data is preserved and accounted for
  • New ‘last log sent’ feature lets you know how long it has been since you last sent your logs to the mCaller server
  • Helpful reminders have been added, such as the popup asking users to wait a minute before running a report after sending log data
  • mCaller is now autotext enabled

For those who left comments and didn’t register, please visit the registration page so you can receive a free mCaller license.

You’ll then be in the running for the Cool Tool Pack which includes:

  • Smartphone Experts Micro USB retractable synch & charge cable
  • Smartphone Experts Travel Charger Micro USB
  • Jabra BT2010 Bluetooth Headset
  • Smartphone Experts Car Charger Micro USB
  • San Disk 2GB micro SDCard

The program is still open for those who haven’t participated.

Want to know more about mCaller? mCaller integrates seamlessly into your native BlackBerry functions to automatically log calls, business activity, SMS messages, follow-ups, appointments, meetings and consultations, and is ideal for enterprises that bill for time, wish to sharpen up their service delivery, or those that want complete visibility on fleet-wide mobile business activity. The data that is generated with mCaller is securely stored, and can be accessed via mCaller’s rich data reporting capabilities.

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