Block spam text messages with TextGuard

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Spam is making big headway on smartphones. Spam blockers haven’t totally adapted to mobile yet and spam is taking advantage. To combat the surge in text message spam, TextGuard effective blocks unwanted text messages sent to your mobile device.

The utility monitors and tracks all messages and archives them on a central server, which is accessible for later retrieval through a website admin panel. TextGuard offers 3 different plans designed for individuals, businesses and corporations.

After installing the utility and registering, you can monitor all your incoming messages that are being passed through their server. Call records are also saved on the server, allowing users to block certain numbers if they do not want to receive text messages or calls from them. The server provided easy access to all the information, which can be organized and retrieved later on. This makes the application both an effective spam blocker, and a handy recording tool.

Are you getting spam on your mobile? Please no Viagara link comments.

Users can register online and download the 30 day free trial of the software.


  • Todd
    TextGuard also allows you to block spam email messages that you may be getting on your mobile phone. It provides "text message security", which includes both SMS text messages and email text messages.
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    Block spam text messages with TextGuard
  • ray bell
    I guess we are talking sms messages rather than emails.. Me for one can't remember the last time I got an sms spam message! - its those emails that are killing me (I have 3 addresses all through bis)..

    I have peekawho and its blocker but it aint at all clever in its attempts..

    SOS anybody there!

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