RIM outages across Europe - send in your status updates


I just got off the phone with Ahmed from Zenprise. Their clients are reporting some fairly widespread outages on RIM’s network across Europe.

If you are in Europe, let us know what your BlackBerry service has been like today.

15 Responses to “RIM outages across Europe - send in your status updates”

  1. 1 paul

    No problems with BB today. Been working with BB allday.

  2. 2 Brian

    Not just Europe. Had an outage done here in South Africa too (Vodacom). It didnt last too long though - about 1 hour or so. All’s back to normal now :)

  3. 3 nibaq

    BES is also down in Kuwait with the Zain network. It has been like this since around 1:30pm local time.

  4. 4 Steve

    I’ve not experienced any downtime at all here in the Midlands of the UK, although I did have 3 mms messages sent that didn’t reach me at around midday BST

  5. 5 Kuba

    Hi I live in France my BES service was out all almost all morning and late afternoon.

  6. 6 Andreas

    We had an approx 2 hour outage this afternoon in Europe from around 2:20 pm to 4:20 pm (CET local time). After that it took a while to restore normal flow but at the moment everything is running fine.

  7. 7 MeP

    Up. Bavaria, Germany. 1035pm

  8. 8 John

    Yup, my Office in Holland had issues this morning, SRP disconnects. It was back up around 8AM PDT though.

  9. 9 Xandrex

    in Paris, France, the service was disturbed from 2PM to 3PM GMT. quite a small interruption !

  10. 10 d.rey

    BIS on Movistar Spain here.
    Big delays on messages all along the day.

  11. 11 Jose

    Spain. Corporate BES and Vodafone as carrier. Out of service from late morning (around 11 am) until late afternoon (18 pm).

  12. 12 OwainBetts (Owain Betts)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: RIM outages across Europe - send in your status updates http://bit.ly/goL0R (No problem here! Wales, UK).

  13. 13 micheal2five (micheal washington)


  14. 14 parru

    Hi all,
    italy problem yesterday night and a little in the morning (1 hour from 8.00 am to 9.00 am) and some delay in the email BIS push service the last 2 days.

  15. 15 Kelly

    Hello All
    Virginia, US…As of 9:10pm our BES has been non responsive. I have contact blackberry support and was informed the blackberry infastructure is experiencing interruption and should be resolved “in a fe hours”.

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