Be an mCaller BETA tester and win the ultimate smartphone pack


Register to win a Cool Tool Pack plus we have 30 - 12 month mCaller subscriptions to give out

BlackBerry Cool has teamed up with the folks at mCaller to give our lucky readers the opportunity to win a cool set of goodies and some free subscriptions to mCaller.

mCaller for BlackBerry is a brand new call and business activity logging application. Right now, mCaller needs beta testers. Thirty beta testers will win an mCaller subscription, one will win the Cool Tools.

For a chance to win a prize, just answer the question:

“What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”

Want to know more about mCaller? mCaller integrates seamlessly into your native BlackBerry functions to automatically log calls, business activity, SMS messages, follow-ups, appointments, meetings and consultations, and is ideal for enterprises that bill for time, wish to sharpen up their service delivery, or those that want complete visibility on fleet-wide mobile business activity. The data that is generated with mCaller is securely stored, and can be accessed via mCaller’s rich data reporting capabilities.

You can take a trial of mCaller at any time by visiting registration page.

Remember, by entering, you also have the opportunity to win the Cool Tool Pack. The Cool Tool Pack includes:

  • Smartphone Experts Micro USB retractable synch & charge cable
  • Smartphone Experts Travel Charger Micro USB
  • Jabra BT2010 Bluetooth Headset
  • Smartphone Experts Car Charger Micro USB
  • San Disk 2GB micro SDCard

41 Responses to “Be an mCaller BETA tester and win the ultimate smartphone pack”

  1. 1 Geran Smith

    What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for?

    I am in the software profession. I work as a tester for database management software. I mostly use my BlackBerry for personal use. It is great for keeping in touch with all of my friends and family. I have slowly started to integrate it in to my work life as well. The mCaller software seems like it would be useful for this integration process.

  2. 2 Derek Williams

    I am already an mCaller beta tester and have been for a couple of weeks. But to answer the question, “What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”, I am a systems engineer for a mid-sized company in Columbus, Ohio. I use my Blackberry Storm for email, phone calls, calendar to help keep me on track and on task with what needs to be done. Also use it for personal things like texting and Facebook.

  3. 3 Matt

    Im am an IT manager and I use my BB for everything I do. I am on the road for about 75% of my job so it helps me stay connected to everything.

  4. 4 Farukh Bashir

    What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for?

    I am a freelancer. I Design and Implement Network Systems for SME Sector. I use my BB to stay on top of my communication needs with my clients, suppliers, people that i get support from, news, access to mini CRM, timetrack and for scheduling.

    BB manages and helps me with my Business and hands down the best thing so far that happened to my business.

  5. 5 Paul

    I am in the federal government. I use my bberry for work email, personal email/texting, and internet access to shared docs.

  6. 6 Bill

    I use my Storm for everything. high volume business email as well as personal accounts. multiple IM applications, music, many business and personal phone calls on a daily basis, streaming media. I am a Strategic Alliances Director for a software company and really my Blackberry is my second office.

  7. 7 rudeboy

    i am a General Manager of 2 warehouses and IT manager, use the BB (Storm) for everything it can be used for.

  8. 8 Keith

    I’m a process analyst at a major financial institution. I also manage the web presence of my alma mater.

    My Blackberry was purchased mainly for personal use (time and contact management, email, web browsing, social networking), but I have found that I must call, SMS or email from time to time for professional purposes. I would like to be able to better track how my professional existence impinges on my personal account.

  9. 9 Carol

    I am a life coach and I use my blackberry to keep track of appointments, update my facebook page, take and post pictures and update my blogs.

  10. 10 Larry Sweat

    I’m a Six Sigma Blackbelt and use my Blackberry to integrate my schedule, contacts, calendar, and email while on the move from one project & place to another.

  11. 11 David

    International business manager.
    BB essential for email contact with different time zones, also scheduling and task management, news and weather updates and travel planning and management with WorldMate.

  12. 12 Chris

    I have worked as a process engineer in a metal and weld assembly plant. My Blackberry kept me connected with the plant, and the machines I was responsible for through an interior network and email system. When I moved on to project management, my Blackberry kept me connected with both my customers and my vendors, as well as keeping timelines and tasks organized using the RexWireless suit of products. Alas, with the economy the way it has been, I have used my Blackberry for personal calls, emails, and games for the past 5 months. Here’s hoping the economy turns around.

  13. 13 Shyam Gadhia

    What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for?

    I am in IT sales and use my Blackberry extensively for work and personal use. Being in the sales industry, I need to attend meetings with customers, conferences and juggle my personal life. My blackberry does a great job of keeping me organized and accessible. I extensively use the device for phone, email (ofcourse), GPS, google, SMS, calendar, tethering and news

  14. 14 Tony

    “What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”

    I am a Systems Manager for multiple building locations.

    I use my Curve for EVERYTHING…this is my office phone, 4 different email accounts (work and personal).my password vault, my Phonebook, my notebook, my entertainment system,keeping up with friends and family(facebook) photos, alarm clock and GPS.Basically, this little device could replace my laptop!! Thank you for this chance!!

  15. 15 Brady

    Director of Online Marketing

    Keeping an eye on online sales, fraud attempts, check on website status, if website is down - submit and monitor tickets, communicate with customers and co-workers, update blog, and more.

  16. 16 PacketRat

    What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”

    I am a Blackberry Administrator for a medium size law firm maintaining over 500 blackberrys. I use my Blackberry to buisness and personal use. I take support calls and test all kinds of software.

  17. 17 Michelle

    Hi, I am a Director at an online advertising agency. I contact several clients and my Blackberry is my mobile source of work. I work 7 days a week and with that comes high email volume which leads to high number of phone calls. All conversations have to be documented so I look for resources to keep me efficient and organized. Seems mCaller could work for us immensely.

  18. 18 Jason

    I am a technical consultant for a wireless carrier and I use my phone for demo its capabilities and personal use. Internet useage, text messages, IM, multi mediea, and Sudoku

  19. 19 Jerry W

    I am a retail wireless consultant for a wireless provider in the West. I personally specialize in blackberry sales, software applications, and customer service troubleshooting. I use my blackberry to test and demo various different applications that I feel would help my customers be more efficient. I also use my blackberry to organize all of my business and personal activities.

  20. 20 Omar Jalloun

    I am a fulltime graduate student and use my BB for email, texting, and web surfing

  21. 21 elizabeth

    I am a pharmaceutical technician. Love my blackberry. I am having trouble getting sign on the Mcaller! It’s giving me problems. But the application seems very cool. I can’t wait for it to work!

  22. 22 Budhi

    I’m a CEO for a medium-sized IT company. I have to manage several branches so they can synchronize their work. For example, our product development headquarters located in different city with our marketing and sales office, so it is important to me to maintain all of them and to be mobile. My BlackBerry is a very powerful tool for me to manage my staff, appointments, contacts, documents, messaging, helping me with my travel itineraries, etc. Beside for business, i also use BlackBerry for my personal use, such as: navigation (maps), news, IM, facebook, and tracking my family members.

  23. 23 Kevin

    I work call center for a national bank. I use my blackberry to go on websites blocked by the corporate firewall while at work. I text, email, and instant message while handling account inquiries and servicing. I review my checking and savings accounts before bed, when I make transactions, and when bills are due.
    I can make phone calls, listen to 8gb of music, and follow google maps while smoking a cigarette and driving. It’s covered with a lime green gel skin that I keep fortune cookie fortunes in. It also tells me the time while I’m pressing snooze on the alarm clock every 5 minutes a handful of times every morning.

  24. 24 jon

    count me in. sounds like a good tool

  25. 25 jon

    As much as I have spent my career with Motorola since 95, I am in favor of anything productive to me and my BB. I am a director of operations, either travel or work from home, heavily rely on the BB.

  26. 26 Pat

    I’m a housing counselor and use my Curve for everything. I’m still waiting for mcaller - signed up for the beta but the license authentication isn’t processed correctly on BIS so I have to wait for mcaller’s fix.

  27. 27 Jason Johnson

    I am an account executive with an IT staffing firm. I would be super interested in signing up for the beta. I also do project management and bill by the hour as a side business.

  28. 28 Tony Bunce

    “What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”

    I am in the IT Field involved in software development, systems administration, and consulting.

    I use my blackberry for just about everything. Email and calendar are most important, with the browser a close second. Having access to realtime infomation, and being able to have the information to solve problems no matter where I’m at is priceless.

  29. 29 donlaughlinsresort

    The data can be accessed via mCaller’s rich data reporting capabilities. The mCaller software seems like it would be useful for this integration process.

  30. 30 Robert Mills

    I am currently a undergraduate student going into my Ph.D program. While working on academics and being an RA, I am working on a start-up company to provide electronic paperwork systems for higher education insititutions. I use my BlackBerry on a daily basis to manage academic, personal, and business related appointments. In addition, I use it for communication between these three facets with email, texting and messenger. Also, I use it to view documents on the go to provide prompt responses. Without my BlackBerry it would be nearly impossible to keep up with the quantity of emails I receive on a daily basis. With my start-up, it’s a billing by hour setup, being able to accurately tally each hour would be a great help.

  31. 31 Sol Herskovic

    I signed up for this beta 3 days ago - and it continues to say license activation in process. How long does this usually take??

  32. 32 JWood

    “What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”

    I work as an account manager for a wireless company and I use by berry for everything. Phone, text, email, navigation, reference, calendar, reminders, the camera and even to play music. It is the all I need everything device. Anything that adds to experience is welcome.

  33. 33 freeblackjackdownload

    cool tool pack

  34. 34 Gregg Graubins

    “What profession are you in and what do you use your BlackBerry for”

    I’m an IT consultant. I sub-contract my services through several consulting firms. I travel frequently and speak to a lot of people - Primarily for business. I switched to using a Blackberry last week and love it for it’s immediate access to information. No longer do I need to have a smartphone go out to the email server to retrieve any critical emails that require attention. I use the BB (Bold) not only for email access, but for calendar items, synchronization with my computer, web, text messaging, and obtaining the latest news. I do foresee I will be using it as my GPS while traveling at a remote site as well.

  35. 35 Chele

    Currently I am a student but also pursuing a freelancing career. I just got my blackberry a week ago. I am amazed at the potential this device has. Right now I am just using it for personal use but I am in the process of integrating my freelancing work into the blackberry.

  36. 36 Seth

    I am a member of the clergy, a Jewish Cantor, and use my Blackberry for all appointments, keeping track of what happens at those appointments, which is often confidential; email and replies; phone and call notes; and members of the congregation I serve in the contacts, almost 3500 names.

  37. 37 Neil Aronson

    I know that, as a student, it may seem strange that I would need or event want an application like mCaller. But as the head of an environmental club at my school, Green Now, I actually end up making lots of phone calls that I need to takes notes for. I wish I had the ability to log my calls with notes right on my Blackberry, instead of scrambling to find a piece of paper to write on (which I always lose). I also sometimes need to go through long lists of phone numbers and keep track of the response from each one, whether it be from members, school administration, or potential partners and sponsors.

    I’m planning on expanding the club next year and on working more closely with the school administration, and having a more professional appearance and organizational system would definitely help with that. mCaller sounds like the perfect piece of software to help me save time and get more done on my beloved Blackberry!

  38. 38 Romeo

    My Blackberry is my portable office… So cool, phone, email, internet, ideas recorder, and lovely addition to my out going fashion.

    I hold it proudly, and utilise is constantly…. Im seen like I have some great little computer with me - I capture points, ideas, and plans, forward them to associates, and really follow through with being able to provide a great social environment all the time, every time…

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