BlackBerry OS available for the BlackBerry Storm


RIM, along with United Arab Emirates carrier Etisalat, have launched the BlackBerry Storm 9500 in the UAE. Along with this news, comes a download for OS version This is an official release so feel free to download and give it a shot.

Download OS (app version for the Storm 9500.


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4 Responses to “BlackBerry OS available for the BlackBerry Storm”

  1. 1 Ed

    So the UAE gets an official update and we still have to suffer with the flawed 9530? The UAE? Really?! This is ridiculous, I am close to giving up and biting the bullet pay the penalty and switch phones or carrier or both.

  2. 2 ed

    Get a curve. They’re going pretty cheaply now since they’re “last year’s model”.

    I’m pretty happy with mine. It doesn’t have a fancy touch screen but it’s useful, stable and does just about everything I need from a smart phone.

  3. 3 Xandrex

    does this OS from UAE contain french language ?

    to Ed : usually, US carriers are the last to publish OSes… Europeans & Canadians are the first, followed by Arabic countries & Latin America.
    nd remember that if a small carrier does an official release, it only means that it is bugfree according to their quality of service. Which may be lower than the QoS of your US carrier.

  4. 4 stormy weather

    First, Verizon sucks. Why the delay in distributing an update?

    Second, this download site doesn’t work in the BB browser

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