Cellcrypt provides secure mobile voice calling for your BlackBerry


Cellcrypt is a provider of secure mobile voice calling, and they are expanding to meet a growing demand for encrypted voice solutions from North American customers.

Cellcrypt provides end-to-end solutions for encrypted voice calling between smartphones that prevent private conversations from being compromised. This enables individuals within corporations and governments to converse in a highly secure manner without the need for specialised devices. In addition to mobile-to-mobile calling, Cellcrypt also supports secure mobile-to-landline calling.

Unlike traditional solutions that are based on older Circuit Switched Data technology, Cellcrypt uses the latest internet technology to provide unmatched voice call quality, international calling capability, high reliability across wireless networks and real-time encryption to levels specified by the US government. Cellcrypt technology is currently undergoing certification to the FIPS 140-2 standard approved by the US National Institute of Standard (NIST).

As Cellcrypt solutions operate on commonly available smartphones with an easy-to-use interface, rather than specialised equipment, Cellcrypt customers benefit from the latest features provided by leading mobile phone manufacturers on devices that they already own.

Currently, the product is only available for Nokia devices but BlackBerry support will arrive end of June.

Cellcrypt Mobile is the first enterprise-grade secure VoIP solution for mobile phones. Buy online for £2,500 per year.

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