CTIA 2009: I Heart Radio

If you’re a terrestrial radio gal or guy, you might recognize Clear Channel - owners of the radio airwaves in the United States.  If you’ve fallen in love with one of Clear Channel’s many stations from across the USA and find yourself unable to hear your favorite stations or on-air personality, don’t fret, I Heart Radio is here!  You can still listen to your favorite station via your BlackBerry now.  The I Heart Radio application is available for free via the BlackBerry App World.

3 Responses to “CTIA 2009: I Heart Radio”

  1. 1 fondoo

    wth? it doesnt work with storm 9500??

  2. 2 buddy

    I heart radio is t working on my storm. The first time I downloaded it it said something about accessing my network setting and by mistake I didn’t let them. Now when I try to go on it will not let me. I deleted it and re installed it but it still dosnt work. Is their anything I can do?

  1. 1 Radio with manual tuning?? - BlackBerry Forums

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