Email, SMS and missed call notification for your BlackBerry

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The blinking LED on our Berrys is great—letting us know when we have a new email / SMS / missed call / whatever. But the actual notification itself stops there. This is where Message Peek comes in. Rather than just getting a blinking LED, when you receive an Email or SMS, Message Peek pops up with a (beautiful) notification. Here, in big, readable font, you get the ‘From’ and “subject’ of the email, in addition to the entirety of the email below. You can then choose from the options at the tope to Close, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Mark as Read or Go to your Inbox. It’s as simple as that, but much like BerryBuzz, it’s a program that you won’t realize how much you need until you’ve had it for a few days.

So let’s dig in, and look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Once you go the BlackBerryCool App Store and buy it, installation is a breeze. You’ll be sent a link to download it, and an activation code within the Email. From there instillation is a breeze. Just download Message Peek from the link, and paste your Activation-code into the form, and you’re good to go.

Setup and Options:

From here, you are by default taken into Message Peek’s options menu, where you can customize the program to your heart’s content. For most users, the default settings are pretty perfect, but there are all sorts of options. You can choose the default ‘Dark’ notification option, or switch to the Bright background. I switched to the Bright background, but both are nice, and it really is more of a personal preference thing. Like I mentioned before, Message Peek is pretty! The notification pops up in the middle of your screen (I’m running a Bold), but leaves a thin strip around it, showing whatever you were doing. Nice.

Back to options:

Here you can choose to display Email and SMS, or one or the other. I personally set it to only show emails, as I found that I would occasionally get a blank SMS notification…but I have a theory that this has to do with a bug with my IM program, not Message Peek. A killer feature is the “Show only messages from contact”. This means that you can choose NOT to get notifications of junk mail / list-serv contacts if you don’t want to—a Godsend if you use your email like I do. In addition, you can add a custom BlackList to leave off any specific addresses that you don’t want to be notified of.


Pros: Great interface, inexpensive price for the usability that you get, nice features and options
Cons: No HTML view of email (meaning no pictures/no clicking on links), and the biggest con of all, there is no option to ‘open message’. Instead, if you want to view a message in all of its HTML glory, you have to go to the Inbox, and then choose the message. A pain, and a feature that they should have added.

Message Peek is a great program, with a few drawbacks that keep it from being perfect. That being said, this one is for sure staying on my ‘Berry. It’s a program that once you get, you won’t be able to remember how you ever lived without it.

3.5/5 – would be higher, except for the cons listed above. That being said, this program comes as RECOMMENDED.

Download Message Peek on a Free Trial or purchase for $9.95.

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