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Makers of the popular Quick Pull and MessageScheduler have recently released IntelliBerry, a utility that lets BlackBerry users search their contacts, apps and files. Additionally, you can program shortcuts - Magic Words - into IntelliBerry that allow you to efficiently search the web for images, Wikipedia articles, books, and more. I’m fairly skeptical of universal search software, and I like using a variety of searches that are designed specifically for unique contexts. I’m not sure if it’s because I believe there is a void of excellent universal search software, or if I’m simply too accustomed to my ways. In any event, I decided to give IntelliBerry a try and in some ways, I was impressed; in others not so much.


OS Support: BlackBerry OS 4.5, 4.6, 4.7
Device Support: Any Curve, Pearl, Bold or Storm
Price: $4.95 until April 30; $6.95 regular
Company/Developer: Steelthorn Software
Where to buy: The BlackBerry Cool store!
Official user guide: None


Installing IntelliBerry is easy. First, from your device, click on the mobile download link sent to you in your confirmation email after purchasing the app from our store. Follow the mobile download link and click ‘download’. Within a few minutes, the app should have been successfully installed on your device and ready to use.


IntelliBerry allows you to easily search your apps, files and contacts in one convenient place. Results are displayed in real time as you type, which I like because it allows me to immediately see when I’ve misspelled something.

Once you’ve selected a contact, a menu window will pop up on your device, asking if you want to call, email, sms or PIN message that person.

In addition to conventional searching, the app also allows you to create and use what they call “Magic Words”, which when triggered allow you to search online, then launch into the browser to view your results. I really liked this feature. For instance, IntelliBerry comes preloaded with a number of Magic Words that are ready to go, like Google search - which you can activate by simply typing ‘g’, followed by a space, and whatever it is you’re searching for. If I wanted to Google Obama, I would launch IntelliBerry and type ‘g Obama’ and press enter, which would then launch me into the browser to view my results in Google Search (’gi Obama’ would yield Google Image results). Similarly, if i wanted a Wikipedia article on Obama, i would write ‘w Obama’ and click enter, which would launch me into the browser where I can brush up on his life story via his Wiki.

If you want to expand your search when looking for files, you can add various directories in the IntelliBerry settings menu that will give more immediate access to your files, which would yield search results faster than when only using SmartSearch.


For conventional searching, I didn’t really care for IntelliBerry that much. It searches your contacts, files and apps, but doesn’t search mail, tasks, appointments and calendars. I found that what IntelliBerry lacked I wanted the most out of a search app. I also found that the Magic Words - or any word starting with a letter belonging to a Magic Word - slowed down conventional surfing, though the app itself was generally pretty zippy. I like that the app launches quickly and displays as a floating window over any application, and I particularly liked the Magic Words for searching the web quickly. I use Google and Wikipedia more than any healthy human should, and having an app that gets me my fix faster has trouble staying out of my good books.


  • Magic Words
  • Generally works quickly to search through swaths of information


  • Can be sluggish whenever a Magic Word is used
  • Lacks capability to search through mail, tasks, appointments and calendars


This is an okay app that can certainly save you time when you want fast results from the web - and not just through Google or Yahoo. On the other hand, the app itself lacks some basic searching capabilities that would help convince users to use the app instead of their device’s built-in services. While the app was generally zippy, I found the initial sluggishness that occurred whenever I used a smart word to be quite annoying, and I hope it’s fixed soon.


2.5 out of 5

Click here to purchase IntelliBerry from our online store.


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