How to stop your BlackBerry from clearing messages

“My blackberry has been clearing my phone log at random. Yesterday it also cleared all my text messages. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it from doing it?”

This seems to be a feature RIM has implemented when you run out of device memory. Phone logs and messages begin to purge themselves to allow the OS to continue running smoothly. There are several ways to fix this issue, the first being to manage your memory. Uninstall any applications you don’t use and through the Desktop Manager. Remove items such as languages, sample videos and help files if you don’t use. The second way to help to keep your Berry from running out of space is to delete old messages and clear Browser cookies and cache.

Menu key and select Options > Cache Operations. Clear History & Clear Cookies

Lastly, Themes are a memory hog. Try to limit yourself to as few as possible. “Plus” themes seem to be a lot bigger in size than standard Today, Icon and Zen themes. So be aware of the size when installing new themes.

Thanks for the questions Susan A.

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4 Responses to “How to stop your BlackBerry from clearing messages”

  1. 1 cray1000

    you might want to add Memory Eye to your article, it was released today and was made for this very purpose!!! It notifies you when your memory gets too low so you can rectify the problem before you lose your old stuff! (sms, email, calendar events, etc)

  2. 2 JerryD

    OMG! You sound just like our company’s Help(LESS) Desk! Next you’ll tell me to run scan disk and defrag to fix a computer problem!!!

    OK, maybe clearing History isn’t so bad, but I regularly go back to sites I’ve already been to and it’s pretty handy to be able to just locate it in the History rather than try to remember the URL and/or have to retype it.

    As for clearing Cookies? NEVER! Jeez, do you know how long it took for sites I visit to remember who I am? And now you want me to start all over again and have to log into them all??? REDICULOUS!!!

    Now here’s some USEFUL information…

    Have you ever SAVED a message? Well guess what? It will NEVER go away on its own! A saved message will stay on your BlackBerry until you MANUALLY delete it (with the possible exception of when all messages are cleared). So if you use this feature, and it is a handy one, view your saved messages on a regular basis. You may not need that email from two years ago any more!

    And here’s a very nice, FREE utility to clear up some more memory - MaxMem from Berry Coder. Download it OTA from here:
    and then run it. It will remove some of those useless things you never use like Push To Talk! And to save more memory, once you’ve run it, uninstall it! You only need to run it once.

  3. 3 Aaron

    I find the easiest way is to unplug the battery from your device, and then plug it back in.


  1. 1 New memory eye app! - BlackBerry Forums at

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