Make your old Curve look like a brand new 8900

I haven’t taken to reviewing any themes because I’ve found so few that really satisfy me. But I recently stumbled across an eye-pleasing theme that changed all of that. The Curve 8900 Replica Theme by BNS Designs is sharp and clean, effectively turning your old curve - one you may thought of turning in for a new BlackBerry 8900 - into a fresh new device. Yes, it’s just the theme - you won’t magically find the wi-fi icon in the home tray (unless you already have that feature) - but it’s much more aesthetically pleasant than Telus’s OS 4.3 stock theme.


OS Support: BlackBerry OS 4.3, 4.5
Device Support: Any Curve 83XX and 88XX
Price: $7.00 regular; $5.00 for the first 50 people to comment on this post (a discount code will be emailed to the address you use when commenting. Offer ends April 13th)
Company/Developer: BNS Designs
Where to buy: The BlackBerry Cool store!
Official user guide: None


Installing themes are easy. First, from your device, click on the mobile download link sent to you in your confirmation email after purchasing the theme from our store. Follow the mobile download link and click ‘download’. After nearly a minute, the theme should be installed and ready to use.

To select your new theme, enter the ‘options’ menu from your homesecreen, then scroll down until you reach ‘Theme’. Click on the ‘Theme’ link, then select and click on the ‘Curve 8900 Replica’ theme. Within a few moments, your old curve’s OS will look significantly different.


Most themes don’t really pack what one would call “features”. This theme, however, groups all of your setting apps - options, profiles, bluetooth manage, manage connections, etc. - and places them in one convenient folder called ‘Programs’ by default - though this can be changed. If you don’t like this option, you can delete the folder - moving everything back into the main applications menu.

All in all everything looks great. The graphics seem sharper, and the simplicity of the post-OS 4.5 icons helps emphasize the quality of the theme. The menus look great too - as you would see them on a Bold.


The theme looks great, it’s consistent, and it doesn’t slow my device. I even liked the default theme setting which groups all of my setting-oriented apps together in one folder; I found it immediately uncluttered my main menu. I found the price to be a tad high, though the discount (for the first 50 people to comment on this post) would bring this theme into the higher strata of a reasonable price range.


  • Looks sharp, clean
  • Doesn’t slow my device down
  • The setting-oriented app folder


  • The price, but not by much


Overall, I think this is the cleanest, sharpest looking theme I’ve ever seen. For one theme, the price is a bit much, but to be fair, it really is gorgeous.


4.5 out of 5

Purchase the Curve 8900 Replica Theme for $7 from our online store.


68 Responses to “Make your old Curve look like a brand new 8900”

  1. 1 RACinNY

    As a new BB owner, a Curve 8330, I’ve been looking at a lot of themes. I’ve yet to read and see one that really appealed to me until now! I think this is just what I want to try as my first theme. Now to see how to qualify for the SPECIAL! :)

  2. 2 Dan McG

    Wow. Really is one of the nicest themes I have seen in quite sometime. One that I would even use based on how it looks and I don’t normally like themes on my Curve!

  3. 3 Mike

    Can you change the background image in the theme? I like the icons, etc., but also like having an actual photo as the background.

  4. 4 charlie

    Looks like just what I need. I’ve been weary of installing new themes because they’ve slowed down my unit. I’d love to give this a try. How do I get the discount?

  5. 5 heelntoe

    nice theme. so…do i get the discount?

  6. 6 Matthew Carpenter

    Awesome theme!!!

  7. 7 Matthew Carpenter

    How do we get the theme for $5.00 after making a comment?

  8. 8 David B

    Too cool! I want it! Tried to download, but it said Javascript not enabled on my device (Sprint 8330). How do I enable Javascript????

  9. 9 David B

    I checked. Javascript IS enabled. O well….. How to download for 5 bucks????

  10. 10 Joe D

    I’ve been looking for a nice theme like this for months. This looks excellent.

  11. 11 Rex

    I am excited bout this one, been thinkin of dl it since i first noticed it. Can’t wait

  12. 12 Dan K

    Love the theme. I would love to get this theme.How can I get a discount? Thanks!

  13. 13 RACinNY

    Any idea how I get this for the offered $5.00? I already made a comment (#1) but hesitate to d/l it until I know HOW to get the discount.

  14. 14 Alessio

    Looks nice!
    Can I have the discount?

  15. 15 Ryan

    Great theme. I really appreciate the opportunity to get it for the discounted price… just how would we go about doing that exactly?

  16. 16 jason

    Nice looking theme. How do we get the discount?

  17. 17 Steve

    Nice theme…but not worth $5. There are plent of FREE themes that look like this on

  18. 18 tom L

    Hey everyone, please email me with any questions or comments at BNSdesigns.1 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!

  19. 19 Jonathan Brandon

    If you’ve commented with a valid email address, the discount code will be emailed to you at that address.



  20. 20 Leo DiNorcia

    Very nice……………..I like it !!!

  21. 21 Wes Wong

    this is pimp, where do i get it?

  22. 22 Robin C

    I am using the iBerry theme and I am tired of it. This is one that I will download.

    Thanks for the offer!

  23. 23 Sam L

    This looks very cool. I think this theme would look quite nice on my old curve!

    That is until I can upgrade from my curve to a new Bold.

  24. 24 Sam L

    Oops. If I had only put in my correct email address srl155 at yahoo dot com Darn.

  25. 25 Cordine

    That looks great, gotta download this one.

  26. 26 Bill W

    Looks Good - I’ll have to try this one!

  27. 27 Cordine

    Gotta get 2

  28. 28 scott

    I think theme has a really good layout and looks really sharp

  29. 29 PeterK

    Nice! I like it.

  30. 30 Dan W

    Ok, I’ll bite. Theme looks great. I’m sick of my current theme, so I look forward to it. (As long as it has a ‘today’ setting. It does, right?)

  31. 31 Matthew Farra

    Can I get in on the discount? Love the look of this theme!

  32. 32 paul

    Looks nice. Would like the discount.

  33. 33 Malcolm G

    This sounds great, like the idea of the programs grouped in a folder.

  34. 34 Raymond

    Looks pretty awesome I’ll give it a whirl for 5.00 Realluy enjoy your reviews. Very helpful when looking at new apps or themes. Just remember that some of us haven’t been with our Blackberry’s as long and therefore the reviews you may have done in the past would be new to us

  35. 35 Mike

    This theme looks excellent! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and update my Curve. The lines look really clean.

  36. 36 tricia

    very exciting.

  37. 37 Jeff

    This theme looks great. I’ve been looking for a funcional Bold-style theme for some time. Most of the ones I’ve found don’t allow for customized home screen icons. I do believe I’ll be checking this one out. Thanks!

  38. 38 Joe D

    So, #10 here again. I put in my correct email address, and never got the discount email. Even checked spam folder. Am I still eligable?

  39. 39 ICM

    Not really into themes but like the way this one looks-really crisp and clean!

  40. 40 Bill Holman

    Been wary of installing 8900 curve look-a-like themes but looks like I might give this a go. Do I get the discount?

  41. 41 Charlie

    “Jonathan Brandon
    April 7, 2009 at 12:35 pm

    If you’ve commented with a valid email address, the discount code will be emailed to you at that address.



    Any word on when we get the discount code? I haven’t gotten anything. No. 4 and I left a valid email and website.

  42. 42 Kevin

    I really like the today plus. I am going to have to break down and spend some money. $5 would be better. Discount Code would be great. Thanks in advance.

  43. 43 Raymond

    How do you get the discount code? Thanks

  44. 44 Mike

    Hey theme looks great! Can i get the discount?

  45. 45 indroo

    great offer, great discount…

  46. 46 michael

    Nice theme! Great addition for those on Curves.

  47. 47 matt

    Looks real good I gotta try it, too bad its too expensive. I should pretty much get a discount.

  48. 48 Hedley Thorne

    Or you can get a free version at

  49. 49 Rob Earls

    Looks good enough to buy.

  50. 50 Sean

    Just playing with an 8900 yesterday and I loved the theme. Thanks for the discount.

  51. 51 RACinNY

    Still waiting for the code so I can buy this with the discount. Valid email addy used, obvious by the fact I’m getting notices that way when new comments are posted here. Since I’m new to this site and the BB world I’ve no idea if this is the norm to wait like this.

  52. 52 Mike

    mine is still waiting on moderation at 9:45 PM, but other people that have posted after me are cleared. I hope you didnt miss me :(

  53. 53 Michael

    I would love this theme, it looks awesome! finally something that looks like the new curve!

  54. 54 Jonathan Brandon

    Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. At this rate, I’ll be sending out the coupon code by the end of today!



  55. 55 Jonathan Brandon

    @ Joe D:

    Yes, you are still eligible. Don’t worry, your discount code will be sent to you, at this rate (to get to 50 comments) by the end of the day.

  56. 56 northstahr

    This is just the kind of theme I’ve been waiting on. Can you slect the icons for the home screen?

  57. 57 amo

    Theme looks great and just what I have been looking for. I love the 8900 look but can’t get the 8900 right now so this would be perfect.

  58. 58 Michael

    why does mine say waiting moderation and isn’t showing up on the replies? can you even see this? other post have shown up on the site and not mine.

  59. 59 Jenn

    Wow cool theme! It looks just like the new blackberrys!

  60. 60 Steve

    Hedley Thorne
    April 8, 2009 at 2:17 am
    Or you can get a free version at

    NICE…my theme has been leached on another webiste. The original in OTA can be found for FREE on

  61. 61 John Delaney

    Probably the nicest looking theme for the 8300 series I’ve seen yet.

  62. 62 EGB

    Nice theme. Now I can keep my curve longer… lol

  63. 63 Jake

    I know I’m a little past 50, but I just wanted to say what a beautiful theme this is! I definitely think it’d be a greatway to keepmy blackberry looking fresh.

  64. 64 Taren

    I downloaded the theme, installed in minutes. I even got the $5 discount. I am in looove with the theme. I was getting tired of the default bb themes, def a switch up that I like. Would def recommend, no complaints yet! Thanks!

  65. 65 kidfingers


    Discount please!!!

  66. 66 Robyn

    I just downloaded this to my phone and it is great! I love it!

  67. 67 Mark

    This theme looks great. I can’t wait to install it.

  68. 68 yanto

    This the first time I used vigo. I have question how I can get “Make your old curve look different”. I am stay in Indonesia and used bb 8320.

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