New Twitter client for BlackBerry seeking BETA testers


The developers of ÜberTwitter are looking for people to test their BETA and give their 2 pennies. ÜberTwitter has some decent features that include location-based services and video support. The app also has a clean design, support for GTalk, reTweet fucntionality and auto update for your feeds.

This Twitter client supports all BlackBerry devices running 4.2 OS+ including the Storm.

For More Information visit the ÜberTwitter homepage.

Download by visiting their download page on your BlackBerry browser.


14 Responses to “New Twitter client for BlackBerry seeking BETA testers”

  1. 1 Geoff

    First impression - much better than TwitterBerry! I like it so far. The “Find everyone around you” could get interesting.

  2. 2 Ashanti

    I have installed it on my 8310. I have not been able to run it successfully. It has frozen my phone each time I attempted to launch the app. :(

  3. 3 James

    It works great on my Storm. My only gripe, so far, is the fact that I can’t seem to get an audible notification with friend’s updates. For now, I’m using Yacta along with UberTwitter. Looks very promising, though.

  4. 4 8320

    Works great for me! Huge improvement over TwitterBerry.

  5. 5 Joe

    Just so everyone knows, I installed it on my Curve 8310, and it runs just fine. Just be careful of clicking “Everyone around me”, it sent mine into an infinite, unescapable loop.

    Feedback has to be sent via a tweet though, so don’t expect to send much. Overall though, this is leaps and bounds better than TwitterBerry (MUCH faster, autoupdates, etc.), and so far, it’s already replaced it.

  6. 6 Wayne

    Liking this on my Storm so far! Love the alternative to Twitterberry. Re-Tweet and Trending Topics is nice..

  7. 7 geekygreen (Sean Whetstone)

    Just trying out another beta twitter client for Blackberry called UberTwitter. You can download it OTA from

  8. 8 Eric Cohen

    What about 4.6+?

  9. 9 DeJonghe (DeJonghe)

    @ bubblesgalorecw RT @BlackBerryCool New Twitter client for BlackBerry seeking BETA testers

  10. 10 zeaz

    @ Ashanti
    hey i have the same problem with my pearl .

  11. 11 Joe

    Update from the 8310 user. Nevermind on that whole “working perfectly” thing. It gets stuck updating -very- frequently, and has to be restarted. Sometimes the whole phone has to be restarted to fix it. I’d say I have to do that at least once an hour. If it wasn’t for that, I would have replaced TwitterBerry by now.

  12. 12 florenceit

    Ive been using it for a whil now, “people near me” feature is a great way to waste a bunch of time checking out the locals. seriously, i love it better than twitterberry by far.

  13. 13 Reeni

    Been using Ubertwitter for awhile now-I think it’s Awesome! Fast & easy. Thank you UberTwitter

  14. 14 florenceit

    really love the new pictures option, weay cool and easy to use software. WILL REALLY RUN YOUR BLACKBERRY BATTERY DOWN if left on all day though, ouch. still, nice job!

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