Podcast software for BlackBerry PodTrapper 2.0 - 10 free copies!

podtrapper 2.0

PodTrapper is a podcast download manager and player for BlackBerry and it has recently gone 2.0. Version 2.0 continues to expand PodTrapper’s features and usability with a totally new user interface and comprehensive built-in help.

As the premier podcatcher for BlackBerry, PodTrapper opens up the world of podcasts to any media card enabled BlackBerry device. Users can download episodes over the cellular network, WiFi, or even through their PC. Automated intelligent downloading ensures that podcasts are only downloaded when the user wants, and only using the mechanisms the user allows.

Automatic management of users’ episodes ensures that more time can be spent listening to their media and not managing it. A built in playlist manager allows users to set their preferences so that PodTrapper can prioritize playback as episodes become available.

PodTrapper plays and bookmarks any media on a user’s device, remembering where it left off in every file.

PodTrapper features:

* Automated downloading of new episodes in the background
* Support for both audio and video media
* Compatible with all media card enabled BlackBerry devices
* Full touch screen support
* Built-in podcast browser
* Customizable download mechanisms and time frames
* Desktop application for downloading through a PC
* Bluetooth output support
* Support for podcast artwork
* Send podcast and episode links to other users
* OPML and manual url entry for importing podcast subscriptions
* Built-in large file download utility
* Comprehensive help system

Download PodTrapper for free for 30 days. After the 30 day trial it retails for $9.99.

We’re giving away 10 free copies and all you have to do is comment your favorite Podcast.

126 Responses to “Podcast software for BlackBerry PodTrapper 2.0 - 10 free copies!”

  1. 1 Matthew Ball

    I love The Economist podcast!

    Really hope I win this!

  2. 2 Marc Uydess

    I usually listen to the G4 podcasts and VH1.

  3. 3 Josh

    KCRW’s The Business is great, as is KCRW’s Left, Right and Center.

  4. 4 Nathan Arms

    My favorite podcast is The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema. http://www.ggtmc.com

  5. 5 DS

    I like the Evernote podcasts because I enjoy that product. Now make it for blackberry!

  6. 6 Bret

    My favorite is for Penny Arcade. http://www.penny-arcade.com

  7. 7 Paul

    I love Podtrapper because you can discover new podcasts from their selection screen. I added CBC Spark. It’s a very interesting tech podcast about new media and how it affects out daily lives. I also love the Onion video cast.

  8. 8 andy

    My favorite podcasts are all of the NPR podcasts like marketplace,Fresh Air, you can find them on NPR.org. The BBC also has many news podcasts. 60 minutes also offers full episodes on their website.

  9. 9 Logan

    I also listen to the Economist podcast

  10. 10 bt

    “free talk live” is informative

  11. 11 Adam Greenberg

    I like the Evernote podcast. They have a great product across multiple platforms

  12. 12 Mike L

    I listen to the Arsecasts about Arsenal football club

  13. 13 ali reza

    Nba all the way, raptors missed out on post season this year but watch em come back next year better.

  14. 14 Jacob

    Common Sense with Dan Carlin. (Available on iTunes) It is a great non-partisan political podcast

  15. 15 Javier

    I listen the Distorted View Podcast

  16. 16 Brian Roche

    Two podcasts that I like:

    MajorNelson - gaming podcast, good info but some of it is a bit overmarketing. If you understand it’s coming from the XBox team then you can filter through the fluff.

    WineLibrary.tv - video podcast, but still good. Gary V brings the thunder! :-)

  17. 17 Jason

    D&D Podcast featuring Penny Arcade is my favorite

  18. 18 skelzer

    Awesome! Podcast app = killer app

  19. 19 skelzer

    Awesome! Podcast app = killer app.
    Listen to Bloomberg Surveillance every morning…

  20. 20 evilzeg

    Beyond Reality is my favorite

  21. 21 FartMan

    I use Ultra Podcast. Is this better?

  22. 22 HockeyBuddha

    I listen to the zencast podcast.

  23. 23 Adzay

    My favourite Podcasts are Black20 and Game reviews

  24. 24 Justin Bonnot

    I enjoy Crackberry.com’s and the rest of the Smartphone Central crew.

  25. 25 RACinNY

    I’ve been fan of the TWIT, This Week In Tech, podcast since it started. Leo and company always are enjoyable. As a new BB owner, 2 weeks tomorrow, I’m carryiny my iPod still just for podcasts now so this app sounds perfect for me. I’ve been hesitant to d/l and buy BB apps so far because I’m a newbie but I was directed to this site by seasoned BB user friends as a place to trust.

  26. 26 elizabeth

    I like evernote podcast. Great knowledge!

  27. 27 Josh Crotzer

    Fresh Air, On the Media, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Bob Edwards Weekend

  28. 28 CoolBB

    the best one ever and most informed news i get all around is cbc spark! wooot woot! go Canadians!

  29. 29 Scott

    “This American Life” is hands-down the best podcast out there! Their stories have left me dazzled, have made me laugh out loud, and they always leave me wanting more. Ira Glass-your the man!

  30. 30 pedro rosendo

    I like to listen to the crackberry.com podcasts

  31. 31 Mark

    I like the CNET Daily Tech News podcast; it’s informative, concise, reliable, and professionally done.

  32. 32 gameboy213

    This week in tech.

    Fresh Air.

  33. 33 Steve2144

    I would love this.

  34. 34 Jean Rivera

    I like the G4 and Crackberry podcast

  35. 35 Isaac

    Savage Love with Dan Savage…

  36. 36 Brad

    This Week in Fun.


    Both a lot of fun!

  37. 37 Steve

    This is the app I’ve been waiting for!

  38. 38 dofang

    Npr’s All Songs Considered pod cast of new music will be perfect on this app. They update during he day when I can’t sync my i Pod.

  39. 39 S. Trimble

    Woohoo! I’ve got to say TWiT is my favorite podcast!

  40. 40 natsfan7

    Joystiq podcast!

  41. 41 Brandon Zanan

    Have something like this on my iPod Touch, but would love to have this on my Storm where I can access the internet where ever and not have to seek wifi.

  42. 42 elizabeth

    Alsoi like “this way up artist agency” podcast! Really cool music!

  43. 43 Richard Mancuso

    I like Diggnation, Tekzilla, Systm, and TWIT!

  44. 44 Nicole

    I love the Crackberry.com and video game review podcasts!

  45. 45 Pete

    My favorite podcast is Lost Official Podcast with executive producer Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. And i have a radio show in french that i listen every day call RadioPirate.com

  46. 46 Baylan Smith

    I love to listen to podcasts from crackberry.com and joystiq!

  47. 47 Rob

    Talkingreef podcast, Crackberry, and Mac OS Ken :)

  48. 48 Mike Derrico

    My favorite podcast is Philosophy bites. It consists of rematks on issues throughout western philosophy

  49. 49 Peter

    I listen to the Crackberry.com, ESPN, and CBC regularly

  50. 50 Adam

    This Week In Tech with Leo Laporte!

  51. 51 Bassam

    My favorite podcast is This week in Tech (TWiT).

  52. 52 Marc

    Fav for now probably… Adam Carolla.

  53. 53 Chris

    My favorite is Escape Pod

  54. 54 Jason

    If you are a music junkie like I am. You’ll love Allen Cross’ ‘On going history of New Music’. His pod cast is a document of music based on themes (eg. Plagerism in music- fantastic episode).

  55. 55 Lonnie

    Leo Laporte all the way.

  56. 56 Jason

    My fave is the Adam Carolla Podcast

  57. 57 Chris

    Sport guy here for I podcast my favorite sport staion AM570

  58. 58 aaron

    TWIT is a favorite.

  59. 59 Nick

    My favorite podcast is This Week in Tech (TWIT)

  60. 60 Faron

    My favorite is the Slice of Sci Fi podcast (http://www.sliceofscifi.com/). It keeps me in the loop as far as what is happenning in the science fiction genre in the tv and movie industry and the folks doing the reporting are very entertaining.

  61. 61 Darcy

    I like 7 degrees of seperation with adam corolla

  62. 62 Nathan

    SModcast has the highest Laughs-Per-Minute I could find. And the Totally Rad Show (from Revision 3) is a nice weekly geekly update.

  63. 63 Shmoops

    Love PodTrapper! (For listening to SModcast)

  64. 64 seth


  65. 65 Jason

    Hey! I probably already missed the free copy but,

    My favorite podcast is probably Ask A Ninja or NDTitanLady’s youtube channel. Both are very funny and gets updated often.

  66. 66 David

    PTI (Pardon the Interruption) is my favorite podcast!

  67. 67 Yves Veve

    http://www.centralwow.com/audiocast/ - The Opie and Anthony Show Audio Highlights from their show on XM Satellite Radio (XM202) 7am - 11am ET.

  68. 68 Pete

    My favorite podcast is freeculinaryschool.com Teaches culinary techniques.

  69. 69 Chris

    Hardcore History (http://www.dancarlin.com/dchh.xml)

  70. 70 franke

    My favorite podcasts include ‘The Disciplined Investor’ (http://www.thedisciplinedinvestor.com/blog/category/podcasts/) and ‘net@night with Amber and Leo’ (http://twit.tv/natn). In the ‘The Disciplined Investor’ Andrew Horowitz details market advice for profitable investing and ‘net@night’ showcases new and interesting sites found online.

  71. 71 Matthew Farra

    I like the Official Lost Podcast

  72. 72 Josh

    I am most grateful for the DeadPod which features a great string of Grateful Dead music from the archives. http://deadshow.blogspot.com/

    The bus came by and I got on, that’s when it all began!

  73. 73 Sirhijinx

    Love listening to Francais Chan’s message.

  74. 74 Abraham

    This American Life and Diggnation.

  75. 75 Sam

    I listen to Economist podcast. Also,I like evernote podcast.

  76. 76 Sam

    Also, I love the news about Blackberry Cool podcost. I cannot wait to listen to Episode 43. Keep up the good job guy and good luck.

  77. 77 rumour

    G4 is my all time favorite…and NPR second!

  78. 78 ed

    Ahhhhhh!!! :-O

    Did I miss the free copy?

  79. 79 Kevin

    Listening to the Economist and crackberry podcast… and also Joel Osteen podcast too..

  80. 80 Leo

    G4TV’s In Your Pants!!

    Funny stuff..

  81. 81 Bill

    I love the new Radio Chick podcast! I’d love a free copy of PodTrapper if there are still some available! Thanks!!

  82. 82 Mike

    The Jim Rome Show…rack me!

  83. 83 Jake

    Has to be This American Life. None better.

  84. 84 conker

    Joystiq podcast is always entertaining. Check it out!


  85. 85 Michelle

    I have never seen a pod cast but would love too. I’m very new to this.

  86. 86 Ray Bilyk

    I love NPR’s Wait..Wait..Don’t Tell Me! Podcast!

  87. 87 Matt


  88. 88 Octavais

    My favorite is WebbAlert with G4’s Morgan Webb.

  89. 89 Rich

    Official Lost podcast!

  90. 90 Mike S

    Sciencefriday.com is my favorite. Science matters again, after January 20th!

  91. 91 Shoshanna

    Coffee Break French. Finally acquiring a decent accent.

  92. 92 ViperWD

    My favorite podcast is GeekBrief.TV

  93. 93 hit me up

    free copy please

  94. 94 ty

    Damn, I think I missed it. BUMMMMMMERRRR!

  95. 95 Marcel85

    Diggnation Chris and the guys are off the hook

  96. 96 Nicolas Roberge

    I listen to Haute Resolution.

  97. 97 Leila

    I would like to suggest probably the best and most-enlightening Podcast on the internet - I would load this on my iPod/BB if I was ever stranded on a desert island!

    “The C-Realm”
    Discussions on topics focused on the coming Vingean Singularity, Entheogenic Exploration, the re-localization of community & agriculture, and Individual Conscious Autonomy.

  98. 98 Damian Smith

    Even tho I do 2 podcasts myself, Kryptographik and Welcome to Heavenside my fav at the moment is Scifidig for all your scifi info and reviews.

  99. 99 Bernard

    This American Life

  100. 100 abby

    good post , very information ,.
    here I also have a good share:
    that is : tradestead
    there are many kinds of cheap and beautiful consumer electronics which can make your daily life more colorful , I like it very much!

  101. 101 Adrian

    I love SModcast with Kevin Smith, Diggnation, and anything blackberry related!

  102. 102 Rafael Marcucci

    I really want this application, but for currency control problems in my country we don’t have dollars… Thanks to Chavez!

  103. 103 Keegen

    Wold love to win this app!
    I listen to “This American Life” too.

  104. 104 Cecil

    Mark Driscoll Audio. He knows his stuff.

  105. 105 ralph

    I am fairly new with the podcast scene. A free copy of this program will help me experience podcasts wherever I go


  106. 106 Adam

    The Lost podcast with Jay and Jack and the tenth wonder podcast

  107. 107 matt

    I’m a huge fan of world soccer daily

  108. 108 Steve

    The Rock n Roll Geek Show (http://www.americanheartbreak.com/rnrgeekwp/) is the only Podcast in town for me.

  109. 109 Farukh

    the Quick & Dirty Tips podcast is my favourite..

  110. 110 Daniel

    Smodcast! for sure.

  111. 111 Mark Stahler

    - would love to win! Favourite Podcast is Hanselminutes.

  112. 112 Dan Gray

    I kinda enjoy the BOL vs 404 podcasts.

  113. 113 Scout Sniff

    Townhall podcast. Worth the $50 a year.

  114. 114 squished18

    Economist podcast as well.

  115. 115 Gerry

    Love the TWIT podcasts

  116. 116 the goat

    Best podcast: This American Life
    Honorable mentions to:
    Common Sense with Dan Carlin
    Jordan Jesse Go

  117. 117 Malluco

    I like a lot to listen the site direct making download it..

    and I use too TWIT Economist

  118. 118 Malluco

    I want a free copy please \o/ \o/ \o/ .. I love bbcool ^^..

  119. 119 Matthew

    This is a really a killer app, I previously used a podcast app from Nokia lab. I really hope I can get it for my new BB9000. I subscribed Economist,MovMobuzz TV and Blackberrycool(stop update?).

  120. 120 Saradhi Balla

    gotta love wait wait dont tell me from npr!

  121. 121 Alex

    I love RAC1 sports radio podcast

  122. 122 Bob Kramer

    I downloaded this app 3 days ago. Where has this app been? It is awesome. It works just like it says it will. I had a couple of questions. Emailed the developer and got answer back within 10 minutes. Now thats service!! Not only after the sale but before as well. I LOVE IT

  123. 123 Rob

    I have not done a lot with podcasts because i dont have anything to try them with…I would love a copy of this to start checking them out. I bet espn has to have one…

  124. 124 Andy

    I was post # 8 on this FREE offer and have not received any email or info on the software???!!! It says first 10 responses but wondering why I did not get the software? Can someone at Blackberry cool help?

  125. 125 Abdulkadir

    I love podcasts , but there is not enough app for it . This app is my favorite.

  126. 126 Sarah

    My favorite podcast is This American Life!!

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