(Rumor) Details about the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2

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Simon put up a great post about the soon-to-be-official BlackBerry Storm 2. A RIM sales manager from the Netherlands has acknowledged the second coming of the BlackBerry Storm at the TeleVisie 2009 conference. He says it will come in late 2009 or early 2010 and hints at SureType keyboard improvement and WiFi inclusion - both of which were previously rumored.

Some analysts are guessing the new Storm will use both a touchscreen and a QWERTY keypad a la HTC Touch Pro.

Do you think the BlackBerry Storm would be significantly improved with a QWERTY keypad?


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  1. 1 wahtx

    I hope it’s true!!!!

  2. 2 RACinNY

    After giving up on the Storm because I hated the touch keyboard and getting a Curve a week ago, I’d have LOVED to buy something like THIS! The QWERTY keyboard would make the device actually nice for me to use. Hope to see something like this for REAL.

  3. 3 lucas

    The OS on the Storm itself is still quite a ways behind where it should be (even with the most recent leaked versions). Shame on RIM for that!

    I hope that adding the Qwerty Keypad and Trackball to the hardware would somehow take this back to where they were - a solid, stable and reliable platform which people used to take care of bui…ness…

  4. 4 Christopher

    A qwerty keypad will greatly improve the storm. I think that’s the only gripe some people have with the device now that the OS has been updated 50 times since release. A qwerty keypad will remove the need to learn to type that the current storm has now.

  5. 5 Artgeek

    Although a QWERTY keyboard would eliminate the issues many had with the Storm, it seems adding it might give the device a new set of issues. Having a slide out keypad would make the device thicker (which is NOT needed) and what is that “150″?? A trackball?? I thought the whole purpose of a touchscreen was to eliminate a trackball and allow for better navigation through the device.

    There is something else i don’t quite understand (maybe because i’m a little dense) but if this device is suppose to have full QWERTY why would you really need SurePress? Wouldn’t you just keep the device a normal touchscreen with no big button tech? That whole SurePress does make the device a little thicker too.

  6. 6 NicBall

    Looks like this Storm 2 is a huge step backwards! Adding a slide out qwerty keyboard to a touchscreen is so two years ago…the number of phones that already do this is a list too long to count. RIM could be spending their time doing other things.

  7. 7 sgonch

    To Lucas:

    Well, I believe that in September new Storm will have 5.0 OS, which hopefully will be significantly better.

  8. 8 BlackberryStormApps

    I totally agree with the editing feature in Black Berry Storm. I’ve been
    struggling with the text feature of Iphone especially if you are used to
    Nokia or Sony Ericsson brands.Wait till you see the integrated and WiFi
    feature and the improve SureTouch feature. These new features will
    definitely redeem Storm.

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  9. 9 justelise

    I certainly hope there’s no trackball on the Storm. If there is one, why bother with the touch screen?

  10. 10 NodRogVT

    the storm is my first smartphone, so I don’t have a QWERTY keyboard style to get I am used to that i have to change. However working iPhones and iTouches at work, I prefer the Storm touch keyboard by far. I personally don’t see a need for the drop down tactile buttons, but it appears I am in the minority.

    WiFi on the other hand…that would be nice!


  11. 11 Danny

    This is what I want. I hope its true! And while there at it, they should allow this device to use all internal memory for applications and get a better video converter.

  12. 12 Simon Sage

    Thanks for the pingback, guy. :)

    Quick correction, I mixed up SurePress and SureType. SurePress is the clicky touchscreen, SureType is the two-letters-per-key on the Pearl series.

  13. 13 Artgeek

    to Danny:
    I totally agree. What’s the point of having a gig of internal memory when you’re only allowed a fraction of that for App memory?? That’s just plain retarded especially when you have an expandable memory slot up to 32 gigs!!

    If RIM thinks about it, it’s onlt logical. The more memory space we have for apps, the more apps we would buy to have on our phone….DUH! ;)

  14. 14 Joe

    Do you think BB would actually copy a design of a different company?! BB is original, not copy cats!

  15. 15 chris mantz

    The QWERTY keyboad would be a great addition. However, I would like to see the QWERTY to resemble the HTC Touch Diamond. Also that the new Storm keeps the same touch features as the first Storm

  16. 16 Vicky

    This phone would be best of both worlds. Touch screen, trackball and slideout keyboard. Just love the trackball.


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