Top 5 apps for a new BlackBerry user

We had a lot of feedback last week for our daily Blackberry Cool Twitter Question of the day.

The Blackberry community unanimously voted Viigo as the most recommended application for a new Blackberry user.

Over half of the total responses included Viigo as one of the 3 choices. Closely behind in the number 2 spot was Twitterberry. This wasn’t to surprising due to the many replies we received in such a short period of time. Last but not least, Google Maps was the 3rd most recommended application.

There are some other applications that deserve an honorable mention. They are SocialScope and Slacker Radio. There you have it. Know someone with a new Blackberry? Here’s a list that will get them started in the right direction:

1. To download Viigo for your BlackBerry, go here.

2. To download Twitterberry, go here.

3. To download Google Maps, go here.

4. To get an invite to SocialScope, go here.

5. To download Slacker Radio, go here.

4 Responses to “Top 5 apps for a new BlackBerry user”

  1. 1 Michael Simmons

    Found this by using viigo on my blackberry, and it was very easy to send. Highly recommend Viigo, Twitterberry, and Google Maps for the Blackberry people out there.

  2. 2 addictedtoBB

    Did you only list the top 5 because that’s how much space our devices have? Is there any fix to the lack of app space? Can they be run through the SD card?

  3. 3 Jason

    When will Viigo add Audio and Podcast??

  4. 4 Nan Palmero

    @addictedtoBB unfortunately there is no “fix” for it at present. I hope that RIM has something up their sleeve with either more space on the device or the ability to load and run apps from the SD card.

    @jason Viigo is currently working on it and I hope they’ll do it soon, it’ll be amazing!

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