Verizon BlackBerry 8830 OS gets an official update

I haven’t seen an official update to the 8830 in a while but it seems Verizon has put out an official update for the BlackBerry 8830 OS. The new OS,, can be downloaded through Verizon’s BlackBerry page. I apologize to all the BlackBerry Storm owners who are still waiting to get theirs.

Download The Offical directly from Verizon


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  1. 1 Laura

    Probably a dumb question here, but can you download the Verizon update if you don’t have Verizon?

  2. 2 Dave Hughes

    I installed it. Works great! Fixed the bugs that were bugging me from the previous beta version that I was using i think it was.
    The previous version would not play videos full screen was the biggest issue that I had with
    I’m very happy with the upgrade. no issue during installation.

  3. 3 addictedtoBB

    I almost passed out when I saw this. Wow…it’s about time!!!!

  4. 4 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Verizon BlackBerry 8830 OS gets an official update

  5. 5 Tom

    I wonder when AT&T will follow suit and release an update for their 8800 handhelds.

  6. 6 Tom

    just installed it on my 8830 and now i feel like having a Blackberry storm with full size keyboard!

  7. 7 Greg

    Do they still cripple the GPS with this update? I’ve been using the Sprint firmware for a couple of months on my Verizon 8830 without issue (, and the best part is I can use BlackBerry Maps with GPS navigation for free. That hasn’t been the case with Verizon in the past. I’m not going to use this one if it breaks GPS.

  8. 8 AaronZ

    Yes, OS 4.5 from Verizon DOES unlock GPS for BBMaps. I was one of the infuriated BB owners who has cursed VZW for breaking my GPS and so you can be sure GPS was the second thing I checked out after the OS update (the first being Slacker for BB & streaming media).

    I have not been able to get GPS to work on GoogleMaps tho. Not sure if this is ~norml~ but I plan to try a reinstall of GMaps.

  9. 9 Brian

    So i cant get this update to work.
    everytime i get on the verzion website.
    i click download and it start to download
    and when it finish, it just disappear and
    nothing. so i try clicking the download thing again
    and it didnt work.

    can someone help?

  10. 10 ts

    Ever since my upgrade I can’t play videos from my browser where I could before ( Anyone else with this issue??

  11. 11 Rob

    I just loaded it and the GPS works ok. Now I just need to figure out how to use it with Goecaching?

  12. 12 Rob

    Brian I just clicked on the link at the beginning of this thread. saved it to my computer then double clicked it and followed the instructions.

  13. 13 Michael

    So, does this mean I can run an 8gb MicoSDHC on it with this update?

  14. 14 Florian Thomas

    VZW sent me a link to download a VZ Global Navigator software, so that I can use GPS in Europe. I could not install, and then learned during another service call that that software only works for the Storm. Any idea how I can use GPS with my BB 8830 in Europe? Does google maps work?
    My BB is already set up for calls and access to the internet in Europe.


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