Voice to text emails made simple with MyCaption for BlackBerry

Mycaption is a wonderful app for those on the go or who don’t care to type. I love the voice to text features of this app, and it works remarkably well. Salespeople, Doctors, Lawyers, anyone who would rather speak than type, slow typists, or those who don’t have the time to type will find this a great product to use. Make sure to enunciate very clearly. I found my first few messages to contain some errors, but after a few uses the errors on subsequent messages were either one or none.


I originally had difficulty getting everything setup properly. I Tweeted this and was contacted by Mycaption within hours. They showed me how to setup the Storm correctly to make everything work easier. After that, it worked like a champ. Their customer service is very responsive and helpful. Mycaption will set up links from your menu so that you rarely have to go into the software – everything is linked through the storm menu.


The instructions on how to use Mycaption are on their website. I recommend reading these before using the app. They are very helpful and I used them several times in testing.


You can use this to record an e-mail, tasks, memos or a calendar entry. Select what you want from the main screen (e-mail, calendar or memo), and use the menu key to select what you want to do. For e-mail, you can select compose, reply, or reply to all. The main screen will appear, and will already be recording. At first I didn’t care for this feature (recording right away), but you get used to it, and it makes for one less step, which is always a good thing! You can have up to 50 contacts in the address book.

I particularly liked the memo feature – I often have to write down groceries to get from the store. I used Mycaption for my grocery list, and it worked great! What was even nicer is that I didn’t have to decipher my own handwriting.


1. Nothing major – this is pretty simple to use. For the audio recorder, the buttons for pause, play, stop and done are very small and hard to hit correctly. I would like to see these larger. Mycaption is investigating improving this.
2. For calendar appointments, you can’t do recurring appointments. I found this disappointing, as I schedule quite a few recurring appointments. You need to go into the appointment and add the recurrence manually. They will be adding this feature in the future.


1. There are quite a few options for subscriptions – something for just about everyone, from short (15 seconds) to long (up to 3 minutes), and pay as you go plans.
2. I suggest to start out go with the pay as you go plan, $10 for up to 20 minutes of talk time (up to 80 messages). Once you figure out where you are, then you can determine the plan that works best for you.


While this is a great app for business applications, adding social networking capabilities would be great. Updates for Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin would be a great added feature. Mycaption is continually reviewing these, and they may become an option in the future.

Purchase MyCaption for your BlackBerry for $10

11 Responses to “Voice to text emails made simple with MyCaption for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 CB

    What does this do that the FREEWARE program, VLingo doesn’t?

  2. 2 RM


    totally… vligo does pretty much everything that was stated above for free. Ive used it for the last 6 months and it kicks @ss

  3. 3 Jim

    Exactly!! from what I can tell it does less than Vlingo.

  4. 4 steve

    pretty accurate stuff.. impressive

  5. 5 Bruce Krohn

    As a professional I need messages converted to text as accurately as possible to save me as much time as possible. I’ve tried a number of free and paid services and experienced lots of frustration. The MyCaption service is simply amazing. If I have to pay a few dollars for it so be it. I easily make up for it many times over. An added benefit is how easy I’m able to record calendar entries and notes.

  6. 6 Ken

    I don’t believe vlingo does calendar entries. Something I do all day long. I have an 8700g on Cincinnati Bell and want to get a Bold or iphone soon. I find it hard to believe this works on the ancient 8700. It says T-Mobile, so I would have to call CBW. I would have to upgrade to 4.2 OS if it does. These type of apps will be part of my decision. Right now the iphone is a little behind but with the new 3.0 may overtake the bold. If I read the details carefully, sounds like your voice dictation goes out, then completed and sent back to your phone before you can send. May be wrong.

  7. 7 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Voice to text emails made simple with MyCaption for BlackBerry http://bit.ly/19vjvT

  8. 8 raulreynoso (raulreynoso)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: Voice to text emails made simple with MyCaption for BlackBerry http://bit.ly/19vjvT

  9. 9 JE

    yeah, thats right. vlingo doesn’t do calendar or BBmessenger. Mycaption doesn’t do messenger either though. Looks like the only difference in function is that you can add calendar events with this. However, it’s noted that it doesn’t do recurring events.

    I’m sticking to Vlingo. It’s accurate, free, and does almost everything this does.

  10. 10 BBlover

    has anyone been able to compare the accuracy of Vlingo vs. Mycaption for a 1min email?

  11. 11 JudeS

    I tested mycaption for the storm. Vlingo currently does not support the storm - it only supports the bold, pearl, and curve. When it supports the storm, I can then do a comparison.

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