SMS parental control application - get release notifications


SMobile Security Shield Parental Control Edition is designed to protect your children and young adults from the likes of:

* Misconduct
* Exploitation
* Unwanted Communications
* Sexting
* Loss and Theft
* Malware
* Online Predators

With the Parental Control Dashboard, parents are imbued with the power of Big Brother, and can easily and effectively gain insight into their children’s mobile activities, as well as offering protection from the effects of device loss or theft. Security Shield software communicates with the dashboard server, and also provides an additional level of protection:

* Antivirus and anti-malware scanning, for automatic up-to-the- minute protection from the latest mobile threats
* Anti-spam features for filtering of calls and Text Message messages, via sender number

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  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo

    SMS parental control application - get release notifications

  • Its out now

  • Its out now

  • Remove Spyware

    I think SMS is very private. Parents can't do this.

  • internet blocking software

    Indeed cell phone is being use by most of the teenagers
    nowadays to communicate with friend, with that they can communicate whenever
    they want and have a party to wherever they like. I guess that is not good
    anymore, they can invite each other for a night out that we can’t even know; so
    I guess having parental control to phones are recommended.

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