What to expect from App World 3.0 in 2010


Before App World, we had App Center, the carrier portal that was both hidden and filled with boring content. Think of App Center as App World 1.0 and App World being in version 2.0. Next year (just a guess), we’ll be seeing App World 3.0.

Currently, App World is a consumer centric BlackBerry content portal that represents a shift in RIM’s customer base from totally enterprise, to a 50/50 split with consumers. The next evolution for BlackBerry App World, involves addressing their original customer base - enterprise.

In order for enterprise to get an app on their employees’ BlackBerry devices, a BES administrator as well as a large degree of support is needed to install the apps on each device. For small to medium sized businesses, this process is a little easier due to there being fewer devices. App World 3.0 is going to be able to roll out software across entire organizations from small to large. It’s not obvious how App World 3.0 will look, but it could go several ways.

App World could have two separate versions: one for enterprise and one for consumer. Another possibility is that every BlackBerry device will have the same App World, but organizations will be given the API’s and access, allowing them to push products to specific accounts. Not only will this result in savings for implementation, but it will allow enterprise users the ability to try a product before committing to a full-scale rollout.

A typical case that comes to mind involves the rolling out of encryption software for a large government organization. Before, all devices would have to pass through a BES administrator, the IT department and a team of support people. With App World 3.0, this organization will be able to push the software directly to everyone in the organization’s BlackBerry, without the need for their input. We’re currently seeing companies like Zenprise and Boxtone take over this sort of device management, and RIM will be eating their lunch in the coming years.

The above article has nothing to do with RIM and does not contain anything official. It is merely my own interpretation of the evolution of the App World platform. Everything you’ve read is not even rumor, it’s just an opinion piece.

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  • http://www.myspace.com natalie calleros

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