BlackBerry Tip: Set QuickLaunch to a convenience key

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Being a long time BlackBerry user I have come to know the operating system pretty well but I only began to wonder just how powerful these devices were once I purchased my BOLD 9000. Starting today, I’ll publish a column that will cover topics ranging from simple key board shortcuts to completely customizing your BlackBerry.

A good place to start when looking to master your device is to harness the power of your convenience keys. By default these two keys are usually set to run the camera and voice dialing programs but a much more useful approach is to set a convenience key to QuickLaunch (QL). When QL is assigned to a convenience key, it allows for quick and easy access to just about every app and file on your BlackBerry including 3rd party software.

Think of QL as a more feature packed version of the application switcher. Once installed, QuickLaunch let’s you create short cuts for things like messages, browser, BBM, contacts, images, websites and much more. Instead of backing out of one application to get to another now you just hit your convenience key and select from your customized list of programs.

Setup is simple and the look of QuickLaunch blends in seamlessly with the rest of the OS. Not only will you have access to your favorite apps but QL also includes the ability to do a simulated battery pull as well as display info such as IMEI, PIN and signal strength. This eliminates the need to dig through menus or remember codes to access this information and will ultimately make us more productive.

Purchase QuickLaunch for your BlackBerry for $4.99.

  • Steve
    ShortcutMe is superfast and handy. I tried both. I barely use the trackball anymore with shortcutme.
  • LordShaper (Damian Smith)
    BlackBerry Tip: Set QuickLaunch to a convenience key
  • CoolBBThemes (Jennifer Calandr
    RT @BlackBerryCool BlackBerry Tip: Set QuickLaunch to a convenience key
  • BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Coo
    BlackBerry Tip: Set QuickLaunch to a convenience key
  • Albert
    I use shortcutme, and I feel sad I didn't wait for this
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