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Timr is a time tracking and drive log solution for BlackBerry. Currently, the app is in an Open Beta and you can try it out for yourself for free.

With timr, you can track time and bill clients instantaneously. Time tracking is usually done after the job, and because there is always so much work, time tracking is usually left to the end of the day, or sometimes later. Timr provides instantaneous time tracking which means that you know the exact project costs minute-by-minute.

Register for your free beta testing account of Timr for BlackBerry.

  • Thomas Einwaller
    @murphythadog We are currently thinking about integrating timr more into the default BlackBerry applications. It would be easy to select a call from the phone call log, preselect the matching client from the time tracking system and save a billable time for the client.

    This will definitely be one of the next features of timr.
  • miro macho
  • murphythadog
    Interesting application. We've had the dilemma of trying to track business calls. On our PBX system at the office we dial the number then we get a tone signal to input the job code for that call. Then the client gets billed for the phone call. We only charge back for long distance calls.
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