BlackBerry Bold in New Zealand retails for $1,199


Telecom New Zealand and RIM have announced the BlackBerry Bold will be available on Telecom New Zealand’s XT Mobile Network from 29th May 2009. The good news is that the Bold will be running on XT’s HSDPA high-speed mobile network. The not so good news is that the device will cost $1,199.

Personally, I’m not one to comment on device price and there are a few reasons. Although the Bold sells to many consumers, it is still a device for executives. An executive isn’t going to blink at $1,200 for a powerful mobile tool. Another reason not to comment on price is that if someone is willing to pay the price, can it be considered overpriced? At some price level you optimize sales, and I’m going to give RIM and Telecom New Zealand’s economists the benefit of the doubt and assume this is where that optimization point is.

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  1. 1 Alex

    Profit maximization behavior and price discrimination at it’s best.
    go free market.

  2. 2 murphythadog

    I’ll take 3, now where did I put that wallet with 3597 bucks in it. Does that include tax?

  3. 3 Berry

    Just a note, the price is actually in New Zealand Dollars, not US, that makes it USD$747.57, which is identical to Vodafone NZ.

  4. 4 igberry (iGBerrY)

    RT @BlackBerryCool BlackBerry Bold in New Zealand retails for $1,199 / OMFG who of you would pay this price fo real?????

  5. 5 tomgetc01 (Tom Getchius)

    Would you pay $1,200 for a blackberry bold? Not me:RT @BlackBerryCool: BlackBerry Bold in New Zealand retails for $1,199

  6. 6 ballardstar (Dan Ballard)

    RT: BlackBerry Bold in New Zealand retails for $1,199

  7. 7 Matt Adams

    That price is about US$750.
    Presumably that is the full retail no contract price

  8. 8 Liron

    Sounds about right. US$750 is EUR530, which is more or less what a Blackberry Bold without a contract runs for here in Germany from any of the carriers.

  1. 1 One good reason for not living in NZ - BlackBerry Forums at

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