A day in the life of a BlackBerry Storm power user

BlackBerry Storm

It’s 7:40am and my BlackBerry wakes me up to, The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside,’ thanks to the BBSmart Alarms Pro application. I fiddle around to unplug my Storm from the charger, swipe it unlocked using StormSlider and open up Viigo via QuickLaunch. With one eye open and the other one closed, I tap on ‘News & RSS’; After another 15-second sleep the channels are all updated and I read the newest headlines from BlackBerryCool, BerryReview, CrackBerry and CNN World. I find an interesting article and send it to Twitter via Viigo. While flipping through emails on the BlackBerry, I see one that has to get forwarded to another recipient – using Forward with Edit. Now I can still edit the forwarded message and send the corrected version.

Still half sleeping, I open up TwitterBerry to read the latest replies and update my status to: “Still in bed, let’s start this day slowly!” Now, it’s time to get up. I hit the shower, place the BlackBerry somewhere next to me and launch BerryTunes. I love listening to music while showering.

Now I’m ready to go! BerryWeather gets launched to see how the weather is going to be today. It’s going to rain so I grab a coat. I can’t decide what color of coat to wear so I open up Coin Toss and let the application make the choice. While leaving I look at the paintings hanging on the wall and realize that something is not right. I whip out my BlackBerry Storm again, launch Storm Level Pro and hold it against the picture-frame. The app tells me the pictures hangs ‘-2’ to the left, so I quickly shift it in position and rush out.

In the car, I turn on the radio and recognize the song playing but I have no idea what it’s called. No worries – with the BlackBerry still in my hand I flip to the Shazam application, tap on ‘Tag Now’ and after 20 seconds I have the title and artist. I place my BlackBerry in the middle console and start driving. Soon a call comes in, thanks to VibAndRing I hear it ringing while it vibrates – not firstly the vibration and only after that the ringtone. I squeeze the BlackBerry between my shoulder and ear because I need to change gears. Thanks to StormLock it doesn’t accidentally press the On-Screen Mute-Button.

After the call I am totally lost. I open up Google Maps to see where I’m actually driving. Soon on the correct road I get stuck in a massive traffic jam. Time to switch off the engine and open up the ‘Games’ folder. With my BrickBreaker highscore well over 78000 I find it the game a little boring. That’s why I go to BlackBerry App World and scroll through the Games list. It looks like the game Helicoper I found might be good. I paid, downloaded and am now ready to play it. It’s and awesome game, albeit a bit difficult at the beginning, but so addictive. The guy behind me already honks because the traffic jam has cleared up now. I put my BlackBerry away and continue driving.

Arrived at the office I take out my Storm, launch Whippoh, perform the whip-movement with my arm to make the cracking sound of a whip, and yell at some co-worker to make me a cup of coffee. I sit down at my desk and it’s time to relax again. FlighPath calms me down for the next 10 minutes.

My co-worker later comes up to me and brags about how fast he can type on his Storm. “Oh”, I say, “install TyperSpeed and let’s have a little competition.”

After he loses he shows his frustration with iBee Farting and tries to stab me with the stormSaber.

My Profiler application automatically changes the active Profile to ‘Vibrate only’ because Vorino Clock just showed 8:30am and I don’t want to make too much noise in the office with my phone ringing.

My co-worker brings me my coffee; I place the BlackBerry in front of me on the desk and slowly sip the coffee. All of a sudden the LED of my Storm starts flashing bright green, that’s BerryBuzz’s notification for a new email. It pops up the message thanks to PeeKaWho so I don’t even have to lift my BlackBerry to read the message. Finished with my coffee, I open StockManager to look at my latest stock.

Now, ready to do some real work!

Soon it’s 5pm and I can leave the office. After coming home I mix a drink using the Mobile Bartender application while listening to some music using FlipSide. I’m feeling hungry so I open up Where2Eat?™ to find the next restaurant close to me. I drive there and order my food, Wine of the Day helps me decide my Wine for the evening. While paying I launch EasyTip to calculate the tip the waiter gets (even if I could do it in my head, I think it’s much more fun to use an app for that). Returning home I open Viigo once again to check how my favorite soccer team played – they lost – time to let off some steam using Bubble Wrap. It’s time to go to bed; while setting up BBSmart Alarm Pro to wake me up a bit later tomorrow, MeterBerry reminds me that my application memory dropped below 5MB. I wonder why that happened. I click ‘Reboot now’ and we both take a beauty sleep.

Fabian M. Heuwieser is a BlackBerry software developer. Check out the applications he has developed.

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28 Responses to “A day in the life of a BlackBerry Storm power user”

  1. 1 Lorenzo

    Nice article. But I was wondering if your battery is still alive at 12:00 AM :-)

  2. 2 Frankie Santiago

    great story if it is true. Looks like a lot of functionality.

  3. 3 Alan

    I wonder how much all of those apps cost. LOL

  4. 4 addictedtoBB

    No way all those apps don’t suck all of your memory out. Maybe half of them, but not all. That’s for sure.

  5. 5 Rob

    At which point did you slip in your spare battery?

  6. 6 fabian

    Haha oh i forgot to put the spare battery into the made up story.Good point haha.

  7. 7 Jon

    Nice story, sounds like our day too. No real work done but we handled our blackberry to make it look like we did. :D

  8. 8 Fabian

    Well, it’s a made up story ;). HAHA.

  9. 9 Teddy

    what a tool

  10. 10 Ant

    Lol, clever story but you can get similar pleasures with free apps as well….meaning you don’t have to end up in the poor house because of your Storm!
    Lol…nice tho

  11. 11 Boe

    You left out the parts about your Storm crashing in-between each action, or right when you needed it most.

    Kind of integral to a story about a day in the life of a Storm user.

  12. 12 Fabian

    @Boe So true! But actually since .141 I have not had any experience like that! I’m a pretty happy Storm user now! …and I also forgot to charge it at 13pm until 15pm ;-)!

  13. 13 Dominick

    You forgot to add the cop pulling you over for using your phone while driving. lol

  14. 14 gabriel

    As a blackberry storm owner, I find this article offensive…we all know the storm doesn’t really work like that and our day is filled with: reboots, staring at the clock, missed calls because the phone becomes unanswerable, massive lag and a battery that calls it a day frequently before noon. Its good fiction though.

  15. 15 tech4hire

    As a BB Storm owner, I find that I am not having the issues that others are posting that they have and I use my Storm all the time for email, text, phone, GPS, weather, music, etc. (only with free apps) and my battery normally lasts an entire day. I see this fictional story as being entirely possible. Thanks for the good read.

  16. 16 BBStormGal

    Too bad you didn’t extend your 99 cent sale when you posted this article today.
    You would have had alot of money coming in…

  17. 17 Ashley

    What I can’t believe is that in your (fictional) story you used apps that add up to $172.17. There is no way in the world that can be justified for what you got out of them. Wow.

  18. 18 W4LNUT

    Nice, It’s cool to see how other power users use their devices. I’d love to see more articles like this!

  19. 19 gridskipper

    I don’t see many of the issues that everyone has complained about either…even when I pulled it out of the box I didn’t have a lot of issues…and now with .141 it’s great.

    I can see the scenario playing out as well. I do many of the things you mentioned…and my battery lasts at least through 20:00 or so…

    Thanks for the app list…very creative way of highlighting some useful (and less useful but fun apps).

  20. 20 Fabian

    @gridskipper That’s exactly how I feel! My Storm runs smooth and perfect now with .141!

  21. 21 Galindo

    Haha that sounds so plaid out. Oh and its not as bad as some people are saying. But its not as great as I would like it to be. And if your running .141 Fabian, no wonder you didn’t include any photo taking because the camera is terrible. Im running a .141 hybrid though and its almost flawless.

  22. 22 Autumn Walker

    Hi Fabian,

    I am wondering how you got Shazam running on your Storm? It’s not listed in App World yet nor is the Storm listed as a supported device on the Shazam website (says it is coming soon).

    I’m new to the BB world (this is my first BB), so I am probably missing something obvious.


  23. 23 Nan Palmero

    Great write up Fabian! If my Curve had that many apps, I wouldn’t be able to use it. :)

  24. 24 Fabian

    @Autumn Walker, read this here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f134/shazam-ota-link-available-here-199226/

  25. 25 Charlie

    hmmmm…I’m 2 weeks into my 1st Blackberry and am pretty much un-impressed with it. Reminds me of my old Treo…waiting for it to finich rebooting, sluggish, dropping calls. Wondering why I got rid of my Voyager now. Should have know there was a reason we could Buy 1, Get 1 Free….

  26. 26 Charlie

    Also, .141 was a no-go with Verizon, right?

  27. 27 Phreqd

    Enjoyed the story. Shows the possibilities of what I could do with my Bold.

  28. 28 Fabian

    @charlie the vodafone .141 is the best release yet. dont know how the verizon one is.

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