BlackBerry App World community review system flaw

I have been in the mobile space for some time and back when I used to follow mobile gaming really closely, companies would keep a close eye on their ratings on various forums. A rumor was circulating about a particular company that would have its QA team rate all their latest releases perfectly, while rating the competition poorly. Shortly afterwards, the cheating company would see its games rise to the top, while the competition would fall several points.

This is a perfect example of how community review systems are flawed and open to manipulation. Now, it’s not clear whether this sort of cheating is happening on App World right now, but it’s obviously possible.

One way to solve this problem, is to use a system similar to Yelp. Yelp is a community review system where, after a user has written many reviews, and proven that they are reliable, their reviews become more trusted. These users become part of the Yelp Elite Squad. In order to improve the App World review experience, we need an App World Elite. By doing this, we’ll know that reviews are trustworthy, and not just a marketing ploy to skew the reviews.

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  1. 1 Dave

    I agree wholeheartedly. When I leave reviews on the App World I take the time to write full, concise reviews. Most reviews I see are ‘ya its good u should get it.’

    I also agree that competition can skew the reviews easily, so something definitely needs to be done to prevent that.

    The App World is a neat new addition, however, if left unchecked can become a jungle like an unfiltered internet.

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    BlackBerry App World community review system flaw

  3. 3 kledy (

    BlackBerry App World community review system flaw: I have been in the mobile space for some time and back when I..

  4. 4 Lee

    haha awesome idea, i’m an elite over at yelp. i’d love to see something similar implemented at appworld, another forum for me to voice my opinions lol

  5. 5 Scott

    Even though there are Elite users at Yelp, the site does not necessarily assume those reviews are more trusted (maybe individual users do, though, who knows?) There is just as much possibility of reviews being skewed (especially by business owners) as there is on App World.

    I think there should be a fix on the App World where you cannot review an application until you have downloaded and installed it.

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