BlackBerry community Twitter roundup - shameless plugs welcome!

It’s very difficult to find a good Twitter account in the BlackBerry industry because Twitter is fundamentally a promotional tool. Being a promotional tool, Tweets can be incredibly mundane considering many companies see Twitter as a means of telling their customers “an update is available.”

Personally, I keep my Kyle McInnes Twitter account separate from the BlackBerry Cool Twitter account. The reason being, is that I see BlackBerry Cool as a community and my personal Twitter account is for my personal life.

If you want the latest updates in the BlackBerry industry, follow the BlackBerry Cool Twitter account.

Our Twitter account is not just a link sharing account. We have a whole community of Twitterers who discuss everything surrounding the BlackBerry space.

Here are some of the people I follow in the BlackBerry space. Feel free to comment your own Twitter account and lets get this Twitter party started.


Nan is the man. Not only are his BlackBerry Cool articles top notch, he also works for a great company called SalesBy5 that clearly understand the benefit of social media.


Giancarlo is a Mac-based BlackBerry user and an all around cool guy. I once met him in Montreal and we drank raspberry flavored beer.

Jeff Hunt

Jeff is BlackBerry Cool’s graphic designer as well as he does work for a host of other companies. His tweets remind me of TechCrunch if it were run by hipsters.

Fabian Heuwieser

Fabian is a BlackBerry developer from Germany whose tweets are great and he’s always on top of the space. Also, he can write some really funny and interesting articles.


I met these guys at WES 2009 and they’re nice guys with a passion for making great themes. We share a common goal to find the perfect theme.


Follow Video4BB if you’re an avid TV watcher and you’re looking to get episodes of your favorite shows ported to your BlackBerry device.


It’s always a pleasure to chat with BBMotion’s BBGeekChic. She’s fun and very engaged in the community. It’s also nice to see more women represented in a field dominated by men.

CB Kevin

Kevin runs an awesome BlackBerry blog and although his Twitter account isn’t updated that often, he still offers the highlights.

Douglas Soltys

Doug used to be BBCool’s head honcho and he’s off to greener pastures. He’s staying in the BlackBerry space so get ready for some gold.

Simon Sage

Simon used to write for BBCool and now works at IntoMobile. He’s all over the mobile space and can provide some great insight in the space in general. He also loves the Palm Pre.

Kyle Kemper

Kyle works at Vayyoo and does a good job of showing what his company’s product can do to a Twitter account. He’s great at documenting his adventures using photo, video, gps and audio, which all gets sent to a Posterous account and is then forwarded to Twitter.

Remember, feel free to comment your own Twitter account to meet like-minded BlackBerry enthusiasts.

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  1. 1 BlackBerryGuy


  2. 2 JeremyR

    Rochoje - posts Blackberry Updates, as well as other misc technology twitter/rochoje

  3. 3 moog

    Configure your profanity filters if you plan to follow LouTreize. :)

  4. 4 Dan

  5. 5 BlackBerry Cool

    We are also demoing Twitter Remote (, which is a MyBlogLog-style list of recent visitors to BBCool, who have registered their Twitter name with the service.

    Check it out in the sidebar here:

    They use Twitter’s new OAuth “Sign in with Twitter” service, so you don’t even have to give them your PW.

  6. 6 Techranter

    Tech from a cynical perspective.


  7. 7 Mike

    IT Guy, BES Admin, BB Lover, Avid BB Community ‘lurker guy’

  8. 8 moog

    BlackBerry advocate, tech tinkerer, photographer, etc…

    Why BlackBerryCool is not following me, I’ll never know. :)

  9. 9 TferThomas

    Australian based

  10. 10 Rommel

    Random stuff, some about my love for the BlackBerry :)

  11. 11 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    BlackBerry community Twitter roundup - shameless plugs welcome!

  12. 12 the_moog (Alan Moote)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: BB community Twitter roundup - shameless plugs welcome! - @LouTreize; they name you, I warn them. :)

  13. 13 brat

    You need to get a life if you use twitter. Never could figure out its use.


  14. 14 moog

    You can’t figure it out and we’re the morons? Oh the irony! Go away troll.

  15. 15 BlackBerryVideo

    Follow me on twitter to be informed when new videos have been added.

  16. 16 imbriton

    I work for a software developer - we provide sync for the BlackBerry to the Mac. (they have their own twitter account). We are also working on a special BB plug-in secret.

    I post about a variety of Mobile devices including BlackBerry. Also share my passion for Film, Music and the two combined.

    Thanks for the follow suggestions!

  17. 17 Rob

    Awesome list can’t wait to follow and to be followed. So much info so little time.

  18. 18 Jordan

  19. 19 NovaInsights (Paul DesBarres)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: BlackBerry community Twitter roundup - shameless plugs welcome!

  20. 20 Joshua Lloyd
    I’m a full time locksmith in Austin, TX. I’m into: blackberrys, internet, blogging, coffee, Jesus, my wonderful wife, good friends, my crotch rocket & honda civic.

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