BlackBerry Tip: Running at peak performance

The BlackBerry device is a powerful piece of hardware and it’s only getting stronger. While these newer models do come with more on board memory and faster processors then before, they will need some continuous maintenance on your end to keep them running at peak performance.

Last week we talked about QuickLaunch and harnessing the power of your convenience keys which will help to make you more productive. Although this tip is helpful, if your BlackBerry isn’t functioning at its full potential and you’re constantly waiting on the hour glass to disappear, then productivity goes out the window.

BlackBerry power users are constantly downloading themes, apps and multimedia content and should keep an eye on available memory. There are many ways to start freeing up your memory that doesn’t involve running the desktop manager to delete unwanted items.

The most obvious place to start is getting rid of useless apps and rarely played games. Once deleted, the power user should look to aggregate apps that combine the functionality of several applications. Viigo, for example, is a podcast player, Twitter client and weather app and will save you memory in the long run. As you know, it’s also free.

Getting into the habit of cleaning up your browser’s cache, cookies and history will go a long way to freeing memory. Also remember to delete old messages, call logs and the event logs on a weekly basis. I like to go through each of these steps followed by a battery pull.

Installing a free program called MaxMem will walk you through the process of deleting items that are normally only accessible from the desktop manager such as vendor themes and sample media. Keep in mind that this process can be a little risky and should only be performed if you are familiar with the backup/restore process. This process is only reversible by running the desktop manager to restore your device and reload the deleted items. I really only Recommend Maxmem to the more seasoned users because you’ll probably be deleting and reloading items a few times until you figure out what programs you can live without.

Another application to help you boost performance and clean up your memory is MemoryUp Pro. MemoryUp Pro is a powerful BlackBerry memory optimizer tool that will keep your BlackBerry running faster and efficiently. It increases your BlackBerry performance by making more memory available for both your applications and the BlackBerry system.

Performing any one of these tips alone will only result in small improvements but perform them regularly and in conjunction and your BlackBerry will run much more smoothly.

Have more tips for optimizing BlackBerry performance? Let us know!

Download a free copy of MaxMem for BlackBerry from

Purchase MemoryUp Pro for the special price of $13.59 until Jun 20.

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  1. 1 Kevin

    Sounds cool, so I checked viigo but it doesn’t mention it being a twitter does that work?

    Any info is appreciated!


  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    BlackBerry Tip: Running at peak performance

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  6. 6 mainsail

    RIM has a serious problem with memory management with the Bold. I religiously apply all the tips that you recommend in your article. But the memory still goes down to zero even when running one or two apps. The eternal timer icon is killing me. Blackberry has too much business so I do not expect a real fix. So, being a pessimist that I am, I will go back to my Mogul PPC and enjoy the windows mobile experience

  7. 7 Mark Ruddock

    Twitter functionality is present in the latest Viigo Alpha, which can be found at NOTE: if you have downloaded Viigo from App World, please remove that version first before loading the Alpha.

    We expect a new release of the Alpha sometime next week.

    Mark Ruddock

  8. 8 MemoryOptimist

    Do your homework on MemoryUp Pro. Over at BBForums and pinstack there have been many reports of this program doing either nothing, or actually some harm. I considered using it, but the bad reviews pushed me back over the fence.

  9. 9 mainsail

    I have one word for MemoryUp Pro and its Fluff. Do not buy it. It does not help alleviate Blackberry’s memory management issue

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