How to streamline the BlackBerry experience - incredible theme!

A theme is a very personal piece of BlackBerry content and “the perfect theme” will be different for many people.

After some talk with Themes4BB about the aesthetics of themes, I’ve taken a great theme of theirs, the Blank theme, and complemented it with some software from our store, to create my favorite theme to date. The theme is a simple blank screen homepage, with a QuickLaunch application for fast, customized access.

A blank homescreen helps to keep my attention focused on the most pressing matters. As emails come in, I have a small notifier telling me to access my messages folder. Since I access my messages folder about 40 times per day, I have the left convenience key set to open it.

The right side convenience key opens the QuickLaunch application for fast access to all secondary applications and tasks. These secondary applications also get daily use, but represent things of a less pressing matter. The following are in my QuickLaunch menu:

  • GMail
  • BBM
  • Browser
  • Calendar
  • UberTwitter
  • BBCool Store

With this simplified and streamlined BlackBerry setup, tertiary menu items are easily accessed with the menu key. These are the applications that you access on a weekly basis.

After using this setup for a couple of weeks, I’ve found my whole BlackBerry experience a little faster and more efficient.

Download the Blank theme for your BlackBerry Bold.

Download the Blank theme for your BlackBerry Curve 8900.

Download the Blank theme for your BlackBerry Storm.

The Blank themes retail for $5.00.

Purchase QuickLaunch for fast and easy access to applications. Price $4.99.

Do you have any tips for being more efficient with your device?

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  1. 1 Stinsonddog

    Why have BBM, browswer and calendar on quicklaunch for a BOLD where you can use shortcut keys to get to them faster? This does allow for nicer home screen photos.

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