Jim Balsillie and the makeitseven campaign update


[ED NOTE: If you've registered at makeitseven.ca, you have already seen the message from Jim Balsillie. I thought I'd repost the letter for those who haven't seen it and to encourage more registrations.]

A message from Jim Balsillie:

Yesterday, Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes filed documents in court confirming his receipt of our offer to purchase the team for US$212.5 million, that the offer expires June 30, 2009 and that it is conditional upon moving the team to southern Ontario. We learned that the court has moved up its date to hear arguments on the question of relocation to June 9th and Judge Baum has said he will rule on this issue shortly after. If he rules the team can be relocated, the Judge has also indicated he will move the date of the auction we have asked for up to June 22nd.

We have maintained from the beginning that we need to be in control of the team by then to know if we can move it this year, or if we have to keep it in Glendale for another year and then move it to its new home, Copps Coliseum, where we have secured the rights to a long-term lease.

We are moving ahead. In the days ahead, I will have more exciting details to share with you about bringing this team to Canada.

In the meantime, we need our voices to be heard. Currently, we have over 130,000 people signed up www.makeitseven.ca and we need to reach out to hockey lovers throughout Canada and the world to expand our movement. If each of you were able to get one friend to sign up, we could mobilize over a quarter of a million people in an online movement.

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  1. 1 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Jim Balsillie and the makeitseven campaign update http://bit.ly/9zIOm

  2. 2 gmbnard (Nard)

    Jim Balsillie and the makeitseven campaign update http://bit.ly/9zIOm

  3. 3 It Will Cost You

    …$120mil as taxpayers to renovate Cobb. Your hero has demanded that his $30 mil of renovation be supported by $120mil of your money to fund the arena renovation. A bailout before the project even begins. Wow.

    The comments section likely has an agenda. I don’t expect this message to last long, much less make it to print.

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