NYC Transit App for BlackBerry - see schedules offline

Applico has released their NYC Transit application for BlackBerry. The application allows you to check multiple schedules, including those for the New York waterways, Metro North Trains, New Jersey Transit buses and New Jersey Transit trains.

With Applico’s BlackBerry app, you can see schedules without a network connection because the schedules are downloaded locally to your BlackBerry when you install. The app will even remember your last route traveled, in case you forgot how to get where you were.

Download the NYC Transit App from your BlackBerry browser.

[ED NOTE: Sorry, this app isn't free. It's $5. Thanks for sending in the update. Also, this app is geared towards commuters so it won't be too helpful for local residents.]


4 Responses to “NYC Transit App for BlackBerry - see schedules offline”

  1. 1 Carol

    What I find interesting about this application is that it’s called “NYC Transit App”, but it has no NYC subway or MTA bus schedule information. This is geared towards those who commute to/from NYC from outside the city, and not NYC or Long Island residents.

  2. 2 George

    I just tried to download this and they want 5 dollars. It’s not free as it says here.

  3. 3 Jon

    Wow, for me that went from “OMG I need this NOW!” to not even worth checking out for free. What’s the point of it? The mta mobile site is fine for LIRR or Metro North info (or I’ve used this: And if you’re online gmaps for bb does subway and bus routing. Why can’t someone make a simple (free?) offline subway/bus program? The iStore seems to have tons of them.

  4. 4 ed

    Love the pic. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

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