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Save money on your phone bill with BillShrink

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BillShrink is a service that we haven’t covered on BlackBerry Cool yet and it could save you a lot money on your phone bill. BillShrink is a free service that collects and presents unbiased, comprehensive information so you can see for yourself which billing options are best for you and why.

In the wireless industry in the United States, there are over 10 million cell phone plans and add-on combinations. Figuring out which one is best for you shouldn’t be left up to a store representative or call center. With BillShrink, you can compare all the plans appropriate for your phone usage and see which will save you the most money.

Once you enter your info, you’ll be given info about the carrier, plan, savings and network signal quality. Try it out and see if it can save you cash.

Evernote now available for BlackBerry Curve 83xx - still free

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When we last wrote about Evernote, some readers were upset that the app was not available for the Curve. As one reader Nick wrote: “I can’t imagine why the number one selling phone, isn’t listed as a device that this is compatible with?”

Well the company was listening and Evernote is now available for the BlackBerry Curve 83xx series.

For those who don’t know, Evernote allows you to type out text notes, snap photos, or record voice memos on your BlackBerry then sync them to your Windows or Mac computer to have easy access on all devices. It works the other way, too. Clip a webpage or draft a blog post on your desktop and then search for and access it all on your phone.

Download the desktop install for Evernote for free for your BlackBerry Curve and Bold.

Download Evernote for your Curve of Bold OTA from

Download the desktop install for Evernote for free for your BlackBerry Storm.

Download Evernote for your BlackBerry Storm OTA from

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam confirms BlackBerry Storm 2

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Lowell McAdam

In an recent webcast, Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Wireless, said that “over the next six months or so you will see devices like Palm Pre and a second generation Storm,”

Although this is great news for Verizon, Sprint was not happy about the comments. Shares in Sprint Nextel Corp fell 2 percent after the comments from Lowell McAdam, as the highly anticipated Pre is seen as key to helping No. 3-ranked Sprint stem subscriber losses.


BlackBerry games sale - all games $3.99 until June 1st

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Bplay has a really great sale going on right now where all games are $3.99 or less beginning today through noon ET on Monday, June 1.

Some new games you might like include:

My Pet Store
Create a paradise for pets in your very own pet store and choose from up to 6 types of animals to feed, clean and play with.

Pictoplay Plus
Experience addictive picture guessing fun packed with up to 950+ quick drawn sketches and a selection of wacky game modes.

Tower Bloxx
Winner of two Game of the Year and multiple Editor’s Choice Awards. Best Puzzle Game!

Some classic Bplay games include:

Texas Hold’em King 3
The latest edition of the best Texas Hold’em mobile franchise, with fast and brilliant game play and networked multi-player tournaments. Join an online poker community of over 100,000.

Mahjong Solitaire
Relax, meditate and prepare your concentration for this challenging tile-sorting mental workout.

Combine the explosive Ka-Glom jelly to blast blocks and get the ultimate chain reaction.

Solitaire Legends
Solitaire Legends now bundles four of the world’s most popular Solitaire games.

Strategize with your partner to pull the most tricks possible at this classic American game of Spades.

RIM deemed halal investment for religious Muslims

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Halal is an Arabic term used to designate objects and actions which are permissible according to Islamic law. Just as Orthodox Jews will follow kosher laws, religious Muslims have a set of practices deemed acceptable by the religion.

For many religions, there exists an ethical debate about investing in companies that engage in practices that would not be acceptable for followers of the religion to practice. As an investor, you have a responsibility to earn revenue for your clients. Although, if earning that money conflicts with your religious beliefs, you might be inclined to change your investment strategy.

In response to this, Standard & Poor have introduced a sharia-compliant TSX index, looking to tap into the rapidly growing Islamic investor community in Canada and abroad.

The S&P/TSX 60 sharia index re-categorizes equities on the S&P/TSX 60 and excludes all those that do not comply with Islamic law, which is based on the Qur’an. These include companies involved with alcohol, entertainment, pork-related products, tobacco and financial services. As well, companies with certain ratios of cash, leverage, and involvement in non-compliant business activities do not qualify.

Banks are excluded because investors are not allowed to profit from interest, which is considered an unequal distribution of risk.

There are 25 companies on the new index with a combined market capitalization of $328.7 billion, or roughly 73 per cent of total Canadian equity market cap.

Commodities dominate the index, which is very closely tied to its parent. Top 10 holdings include EnCana Corp., Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan and Suncor Energy and of course, Research in Motion.


National Science Foundation predicts mobile viral epidemic

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In Mike Lazaridis’ interview with Walt Mossberg on D7, Walt asked if RIM has seen a virus enter the BlackBerry platform. Mike shrugged and said “not to my knowledge.” Walt should have known better. Research and testing of BlackBerry devices proves that the device is the most trusted with respect to security.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a statement warning of a coming mobile virus epidemic. The NSF conducted a study where mobility data from over six million anonymous mobile phone users was used to create a comprehensive picture of the threat mobile phone viruses pose to users. The results of this study, published in the May 22 issue of Science, indicate that a highly fragmented market share has effectively hindered outbreaks thus far. Further, their work predicts that viruses will pose a serious threat once a single mobile operating system’s market share grows sufficiently large.

“We haven’t had a problem so far because only phones with operating systems, so-called ’smart phones’, are susceptible to viral infection,” explained Marta Gonzalez, one of the authors of the publication. “Once a single operating system becomes common, we could potentially see outbreaks of epidemic proportion because a mobile phone virus can spread by two mechanisms: a Bluetooth virus can infect all Bluetooth-activated phones in a 10-30 meter radius, while Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) virus, like many computer viruses, spreads using the address book of the device. Not surprisingly, hybrid viruses, which can infect via both routes, pose the most significant danger.”

While RIM dominates in enterprise sales, and they’re seeing an increase in consumer adoption, it isn’t far fetched to see BlackBerry devices becoming the most prevalent smartphone globally. If this is the case, a mobile viral epidemic is of no concern.


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