Preview of new vPost email messenger and scribble feature

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vPost has been working hard at updating their product for both consumer and enterprise. The foundations of this application are very robust and the potential for it includes almost every industry, which is why the app has gone through so many updates. As the app evolves to provide consumers with new features and better functionality, the number of enterprise uses grows.

The most recent update to vPost, which is called version 2.2 tentatively, includes the ability to use your vPost app as an “email messenger.” The application lets you add a list of contacts to the app, where you can share a variety of rich media with the user in a few simple clicks.

What’s new in the next version of vPost:

  • Unlimited favorites (add pictures to contacts then from address book hit menu -> ‘vpost favourite’). This is the feature that can turn vPost into an ‘email messenger.’
  • The ability to move around and delete widgets.
  • Take screenshots. Once vPost is launched, an option to take ‘vPost screenshot’ will show up in the menu.
  • Full thumbnail view mode for attaching existing media.
  • Scribble mode. This will enable users to mark-up pictures with text, lines, and objects.
  • Restaurant review widget. Prepare your post and use this new widget to easily rate and review your dining experience.

Disclaimer: Some of these features may not be in the next vPost as this is an advanced preview but hopefully they all make it in.

As you can see in the screenshots, there are also favorite icons for social networks. This was done by taking a screenshot of their logos, adding the logo pic to a contact and favoriting the contact to vPost.

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    These new features look cool… might buy! RT @BlackBerryCool: Preview of new vPost email messenger and scribble feature

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