Protect compromised BlackBerry devices with Computrace

Paris Hilton BlackBerry

Celebrities are always losing their devices. From Paris Hilton losing her BlackBerry, to Kevin Bacon getting his stolen. These celebs have information that is valuable to gossip rags and incredibly private.

Absolute Software, can prevent situations like Paris Hilton’s from escalating into data and identity theft with its product Computrace Mobile. Computrace Mobile can not only help retrieve BlackBerry devices, it can also remote data delete the device ensuring your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Features of Computrace include:

  • Track and recover lost or stolen devices.
  • Detect unauthorized software such as file sharing applications.
  • Monitor changes to hardware and location (IP address, GPS).
  • Remotely delete data and see which files have been accessed.

For more information, see Absolute Software’s Computrace site.

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  1. 1 Arieanna

    Thanks for the mention! And I think celebrities definitely should be using Computrace - so many of them keep photos on their phones that they’d *never* want online. Which is of course where they end up!

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