Qualcomm enters BlackBerry storefront market with Plaza Retail

With the launch of App Word and existing carrier sales portals, one would tend to think subscribers aren’t in need of another content distribution method for BlackBerry. Qualcomm would disagree and they’re launching an expansion of their Plaza suite of solutions to include Plaza Retail.

Plaza Retail consists of three elements:

* Management Center - A content merchandizing system that will support Java, BREW, Flash and BlackBerry with planned support for Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian and LiMo. Management Center allows for managing pricing, licensing, packaging, promotions, placement, segmentation, personalization, delivery and analytics in a unified manner across multiple platforms.
* Storefront - A multi-platform client, Web, or mobile Web (WAP) storefront built on Web standards and a storefront management portal that enables retailers to easily update their store layout, promotions and micro-stores, thereby enhancing merchandising effectiveness and driving a common branding and user experience across their entire device lineup.


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  1. 1 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Qualcomm enters BlackBerry storefront market with Plaza Retail http://bit.ly/mkqpZ

  2. 2 adzay

    Yeeeah, now i can cheat on my girlfriend while putting on a cool facial expression :P

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