Simple tethering solution now available for Mac - giveaways!

The guys at TetherBerry have their Mac client ready for Beta testing and they want feedback from you.

TetherBerry is the latest app to help you tether your BlackBerry to your laptop. The app allows you access to the internet on your laptop through your BlackBerry’s data plan anywhere where there is network coverage. Once you have downloaded the app to both your device and your laptop, you can tether them via USB.

Head over to TetherBerry and sign up for their Mac Beta.

If you want to win a free copy of TetherBerry, tell us about the situations in which you use tethering. We’ll pick 5 and give out free copies.

16 Responses to “Simple tethering solution now available for Mac - giveaways!”

  1. 1 Nick

    Locally, I usually take the tracks to get around school and sometimes the town, when there is no need to drive. I used to have Verizon WiFi wherever I went, but being a student that racked up the bills quickly, so I needed a smaller solution. There not being one I skipped using WiFi, for checking the news, and e-mails, until I got my BB :). Tethering is a genius solution for similar problems, and it goes through the existing data plan, thus not feeling like you are being ripped off.

  2. 2 Nic

    My wife and I use tethering to take latest photos of our child to post on more than several photo websites to share with family. Our son was dealt a lousey set of cards so we take as many pictures as we can before its time for him to fold.

  3. 3 PFA

    I am a member of a national sport organization for Canada — as a poor athlete. We are always travelling around to different venues to train or compete and in most cases they’re fairly remote but ironically with cell reception. It would be a life saver if I had access to internet even if it isn’t super broadband to see training plans, results, and emails in their full form. It’s hard being away from friends and family and although my BBerry is great you cannot compare it to having access to all your files in a better setup and able to send them off. It would not only help me but the guys around me too who regularly share out laptops wherever we are.


  4. 4 grant nixon

    For my job I have a laptop that I use everywhere when I travel but I obviously don’t always have access to wifi. Also I would use it to access the internet when I am helping jack bauer kill terrorists in a non wifi area. By the way, I am a hero so give me a copy to help america and honor a hero.

  5. 5 JEF

    I will use it while sitting on the train to NYC. The train needs on board WIFI but tetherberry would be a good substitute.

  6. 6 Thethered to Mobility

    Tetherberry helps me in my business and with my community work. We don’t use WiFi in my office but with Tetherberry and our exsiting VPN solution I go wireless in the office any time, anywhere. Having a laptop in the office finally make sense. For personal and community service purposes I go out at lunch time and sit down anywhere to take care of my community responsibilties (specificlally all of the admin relating coaching youth soccer).
    Thank you Tetherberry!

  7. 7 Keith

    I do volunteer work with a community theatre that doesn’t have wifi. As a director, tethering could be used as a low cost way for the designers of shows there to be able to find inspiration, tech support and elements for the set, lighting, costume and sound design. During the shows, we could use it to keep the kids (and kids at heart) of the cast occupied during their downtime.

  8. 8 Mike Arsenault

    I want to use my mobile data plan when I’m on the go with my laptop. My most common use would be to read RSS feeds (like BlackBerryCool) in Google Reader on a screen that is larger than my BB Storm. I’m an educator and take every opportunity to keep up to date with blogs and news online. Having the ability to use my laptop or my Storm to access the Internet would be huge when waiting for the kids at practices, etc. Who needs a Kindle when they have their Blackberry, a Mac Laptop and Tetherberry???

  9. 9 Ammofred

    Normally I use the tethering capability when I conduct business in washington DC as the network infrastructure there is very unusual to say the least. The goverment buildings work in one corner but if you move 6 inches in either direction vola your in no mans land without connection, also due to having an airport right downtown (ie Regan national ) its even more scarace, oh and then btw lets not forget the pentagon. The Metro system is very unique as your signal on broadband fades in and out however tethering remains strong. so all in all tethering just ensures as i am trying to help our nations capital in the greening of our nation ,tethering is aiding me in getting that all important signal to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

  10. 10 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Simple tethering solution now available for Mac - giveaways!

  11. 11 Rodney

    As a photographer, Tetherberry (when released for Mac) will allow me to remain on the scene of photo assignments and spot news longer and submit my photographs back to my newspaper in a much more timely manner than now. Late-night sports assignments can be filed as soon as they are finished instead of waiting until after a long drive back to the newspaper office in the wee hours of the morning.

  12. 12 Collin

    I am a student of computer science and political science looking towards graduate school. What this combination means is that I like writing large papers on complex issues and playing with technology in the process. One of these technologies is the cloud. While I love writing in LaTeX, I have often thought of moving projects to cloud applications like Google Docs so that I can be free to use different operating systems and computers without losing access to my work (I also run a project that uses Linux on computers that go out to the poor, so I spend a lot of time working with that OS). The problem is that we haven’t really moved to ubiquitous WiFi access yet and Macs don’t have integrated 3G.

    Having waited for the beta of TetherBerry for sometime (follow on twitter, signed up for beta, et al), I realize how much I need it last month. A group of my friends and I took the 27 hour drive to DC while I hacked away in the car on a conference paper, on access to technology, that was due within a couple days and woefully incomplete. On the way back, somewhere in rural PA, I finished, fifteen minutes before the deadline, but it occurred to me that I couldn’t upload the pdf with my 8830. I was stuck. I had to call several people until one woke up, by that time it was late. Everything worked out, but the reoccurring moral of the story is that I am much more mobile than WiFi is. That’s why, despite being a poor student, I put up the money for my wonderful Alltel 8830. Every month, it somehow bails me out of some situations. I’ve had a blackberry for three years, so thats 36 stories to write -_-’

    Considering how excited I am about Tetherberry, I would start if it is would get me the software!

  13. 13 Kevin

    I use it for one thing and one thing only and that is to check the latest on the blackberrycool blog. (and a little work)

  14. 14 Bob

    Tethering helps me when I’m away from my wife and my young child. I take week long trips and I’m usually in a car all day. Sometimes I see unusual things on the road and I would take photos of it. Then I would pull over, plug my camera into the laptop, teether to my provider and email the photos to my wife. My wife would then show the photos to my little girl. At times, I would also teether and phone my family using Skype, while on the road, all by using the laptop and connecting to my provider.

    Obviously, I use it for work purposes as well, but I find a greater enjoyment staying in touch with my family.

    Do I win a free subscription? :)

  15. 15 Mike O

    I ride the bus from NJ to NY everyday and back for work. I also commute down to DC fairly often on the train. I tether my BB Bold to my Macbook via Windows XP running under VMWare. Would be very nice to be able to tether directly to the Mac without emulation! Mostly so I can read your website of course ;-)

  16. 16 Kelvin Ng

    Even though I am an Apple fanboy, I tether when I need to show my family and friends things that the BlackBerry can do, that the iPhone cannot (without jailbreaking). Also, I use tetherberry for downloading podcasts, when I’m on the road and absolutely don’t have access to wifi.

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