Slacker Radio 2.0 Now Available!


Just in time for tonight’s party, our friends over at Slacker Radio let us know that the Slacker application for BlackBerry has had a full revision jump to version 2.0. According to them, with this version, performance has been significantly addressed, producing near instantaneous song transitions and skip times.  Though there will still be some dependencies on your network, play performance will get a dramatic boost.

When playing a station, you’ll notice the “next up” album art appears as you listen. When the album art appears, your skip times to the next song will be nearly instant and most all song transitions during playback will happen immediately.

If all of this sounds great to you, hit from your BlackBerry Browser for the download of the updated version. Be sure to reboot your phone when you’re done, so the new install can clean up the old version for you.

10 Responses to “Slacker Radio 2.0 Now Available!”

  1. 1 ed

    Woohoo. I love slacker. I hope this one is more stable. Trying ot now.

  2. 2 rochoje (Jeremy Rochon)

    Slacker Radio 2.0 Now Available!

  3. 3 blkboxstudioz (Tony Million)

    Slacker Radio 2.0 Now Available!

  4. 4 smartcomputing (Smart Guy)

    just found Slacker Radio 2.0 Now Available! | BlackBerry Cool

  5. 5 gmbnard (Nard)

    Slacker Radio 2.0 Now Available!

  6. 6 John DeBusk

    love the new icon color scheme.

  7. 7 ed

    So far its pretty stable on my 8330

  8. 8 Todd

    Doesn’t work any longer on a Canadian Carrier (Telus). It did before, but not now after the upgrade. :( It was great while it lasted.

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