Time tracking software momentem updates and interview

It’s been a few months since Doug and Nan here at BlackBerry Cool came across a really useful app and service, called momentem. The guys loved the app and wrote a reallu positive review at the time. I recently sat down for an interview with Terry Hughes, the President of the company that offers the momentem service, to find out what progress has been made since then.

BBCool Kyle: Terry, remind the readers what momentem is all about.

Terry Hughes: It’s a clever combination of handset software coupled with a SaaS (software as a service). It allows BlackBerry users to tag and allocate their calls and other mobile activity to clients, projects, billable, etc. Our subscribers use momentem on a daily basis to either recover more of their mobile costs, account for their time, or make sense of their mobile phone bill. It’s instantly downloadable, the user is up and running within 9 minutes, there’s no set-up or integration required, and there’s an immediate payback.

Kyle: What are some benchmarks or goals accomplished since the launch of momentem?

Terry: We were chosen as an IDC “Ten to Watch 2009″ company, we launched momentem across Canada in partnership with Rogers, we have attracted some amazing reviews from real users of the service, we were one of the first apps to launch on BlackBerry App World, and we have been delighted with the uptake of the service.

Kyle: I see back in February, Rogers started promoting your product. That’s huge news! What was involved in getting a carrier like Rogers on board?

Terry: These are tough times, mobile users need all the help they can get to recover more costs and track more billable time. Rogers sees this as a value-added service that their customers will love. It’s great for Rogers customers because they can download straight to their handset and the monthly fee appears on their Rogers bill.

Kyle: I hear you have launched a free version of the app too?

Terry: Yes, it’s named Call Time Tracker. Here’s why: our solution is a new paradigm in how people manage their calls on BlackBerry, and we need to prove to people that call tagging is quick and easy, valuable, and even addictive! So we launched a cut-down version as a completely free app in conjunction with BlackBerry App World. We have been amazed by the number of people signing up, and how many of them have taken the time to write great reviews of the solution.

Kyle: I have heard mixed thoughts concerning offering a lite version of a service. In an industry plagued with low conversion rates, how does your company justify the develop costs?

Terry: We have learned that for new concept apps like ours, the “freemium” business model really works. People will happily pay for our service once they experience it. We now understand who our service appeals to, they are giving us valuable feedback, and we are able to do data mining, because metrics are so key in the app market.

Kyle: This interview was an incredible plug for your company. Will you be buying me a beer? Or will you at least give us more exclusives?

Terry: Yes to both. I can talk more about the freemium business model for apps that people pay for, I can also discuss how SaaS is the way to go for sophisticated apps, and how data mining will be a key metric as the app market matures.

Kyle: Sounds good to me! Finally, where can people go to start tagging and tracking their calls?!

Terry: That’s easy, they have three choices; momentem is available in the BlackBerryCool app store, it’s also available on your BlackBerry via BlackBerry App World (search for the keyword “momentem”), or they can visit our official site to find out more.

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  1. 1 widality (Terry @ widality.com)

    There’s a really high profile feature on our company and product on BlackBerryCool.com, it’s a good read http://tinyurl.com/qqayar

  2. 2 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Time tracking software momentem updates and interview http://bit.ly/Y2×73

  3. 3 gmbnard (Nard)

    Time tracking software momentem updates and interview http://bit.ly/Y2×73

  4. 4 S.

    the support form on momentem.net doesn’t work… (The length is incorrect, it must be at least 3…).

    Is there an OTA download link for Call Time Tracker (free version)? I can’t access BB App World from Germany yet :(

  5. 5 murphythadog

    Doesn’t look like they have a 95XX version of Call Tracker. Plus when I looked for it in the App store it didn’t show up, probably due to it not being compatible with 9530.

  6. 6 Terry @ momentem

    hi from Terry (the guy featured in the article!)

    To answer the questions;
    - no we don’t support the Storm 95xx yet, that’s why it doesn’t appear in BlackBerry App World when you look for it
    - anybody who wants Call Time Tracker, but can’t access it via BlackBerry App World, can simply email me at terry@momentem.net
    - we will look into why our support form doesn’t work for you (it does work because we get many per day but we will look into your specific problem)

    Email me with any questions or feedback.


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