Top 10 applications RIM should incorporate into BlackBerry


There are several ways for the average BlackBerry user to experience an application. They can either download the app from a store or App World, get the application through their carrier, use the application if it comes preloaded or experience it as part of the BlackBerry OS.

It is rare that RIM will purchase a company to include it on the OS, but it’s a great way for everyone to enjoy an improved BlackBerry experience. Some technologies acquired by RIM include: the browser is purchased IP from various companies, BlackBerry maps is from Tele Atlas and the media player uses technology licensed from Roxio.

I have compiled a list of 10 apps that provide additional functionality to the BlackBerry and that I think all BlackBerry devices should come with.

Poynt Reverse Phone Directory

I use Poynt on a daily basis, but not all the features that come with the application. The best feature of this app is the reverse phone directory. Powered by WhitePages, the Poynt reverse phone directory can look up any number on your BlackBerry and see who the number belongs to. Although it can’t do all mobile devices, it is incredibly helpful nonetheless. It would be great if this feature came native on BlackBerry.

Poynt is available on App World.

Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant enables you to quickly add contacts to your address book on the go. Once the conversation is ended, you will be prompted to add the contact only for new contacts if does not exist in the address book. Both BlackBerry enterprise and consumers alike would appreciate this feature, as it makes adding new phone numbers to your contacts a breeze.

Purchase Phone Assistant for $2.99.

BerryBuzz LED options

Many of the alert features on the BlackBerry could do with more customization. Applications such as BerryBuzz, extend your default Blackberry alert system. BerryBuzz allows you to customize the LED color for many alert types and keeps the LED flashing for longer than the default 15 minutes.

Purchase BerryBuzz for $5.95.


When RIM developed the BlackBerry, for some reason they decided to omit the ability to vibrate and ring at the same time. The VibandRing application solves this. With VibandRing, you have the ability to set the amount of ring bursts, the length of the bursts and the length of the pause between the bursts.

Purchase VibandRing for the special price of $0.99 until May 28.


The first BlackBerry Storm got a lot of criticism from early adopters who were excited about RIM’s first touchscreen device. One of the issues was the inability for the Storm to lock itself when in a call. This led to some accidental hang ups from your cheek pressing the “end call” button. With the BlackBerry Storm 2 coming out, this may be solved but until then there is StormLock.

Purchase StormLock for $2.95.


gwabbit searches through your message folder, finds email signatures and converts them into contacts. This is a very simple application that provides an incredible amount of additional functionality to the BlackBerry message folder. For enterprise and consumers alike, gwabbit provides the user with a better email experience.

gwabbit is available on App World.

Forward with Edit

Forward with Edit is another BlackBerry application that adds functionality to the BlackBerry email experience. Normally, you cannot forward an email with any edits made. With Forward with Edit, you can now edit your forwarded emails.

Download Forward with Edit for $2.99.


This application has less to do with BlackBerry and RIM, and more to do with carriers. Beyond160 allows users on CDMA networks to go beyond the 160 character limit when composing a text message. It’s been a very sought-after feature and it would be great to give this feature to all BlackBerry users.

Purchase Beyond160 for $6.99.

BBSmart Alarms Pro

The BlackBerry alarm clock is incredibly basic and it would be great to see more functionality from it. As of now, you’re better off trusting a $30.00 alarm clock radio at The Source, rather than rely on your basic BlackBerry alarm. BBSmart Alarms Pro allows you to set multiple alarms for multiple days with multiple sounds, making the BlackBerry alarm clock incredibly useful.

Purchase BBSmart Alarms Pro for $8.95.

Aerize Email Alerts

Tired of not knowing who messages are from without opening the messages folder? Well Aerize can help. Aerize alerts is an application that will notify you via a pop-up notification on your screen. The thing I love about this application is that it displays a photo of the sender if their picture is stored in your contacts. Again, this product adds great functionality to the BlackBerry email experience.

Purchase Aerize Email Alerts for $7.50.

Honorable mentions

App World

App World doesn’t fall into the same category as the other applications on my list, due to the fact that it would come preloaded, not included on the OS. I still had to include it on the list because it is a huge hurdle for RIM and carriers to overcome, and it must happen. In order for App World to come preloaded with BlackBerry, the carriers will have to agree to ship devices with the app embedded. Also, they will have to take a major step towards becoming a pipe and not a sales channel.

Feel free to comment any applications that you believe adds essential functionality to the BlackBerry.

13 Responses to “Top 10 applications RIM should incorporate into BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Dan

    Podtrapper or another good podcast player/catcher. An download app like the G1 comes with, so i can get music from amazon rather than from verizon. other than those i think its perfect just the way it is.

  2. 2 CrackBaby®

    How about:
    App world for everyone, not just UK and some of it’s oversea collonies?
    Mac support that works?
    An operating system that is stable enough to be used (like Android or something)?
    I can understand that Programming an entire OS is a bit much, but at least make the devices open for us users to choose another OS if we need a phone that can take calls without crashing. Or simply fix a stable BB-OS.

    Everything else can wait.

  3. 3 Heather

    I also have to say ShortcutMe which allows you to create shortcuts to applications. Plus Aerize card loader (or better yet just allowing you to install AND run the applications off the media card).

  4. 4 Kylo

    I would say vPost, it’s fundamentally changed my BB experience. It basically replaces the camera, video & audio recording functions and enhances the BB by making it possible to send multiple multimedia attachments with a GEO-stamp if desired…

  5. 5 Jesse

    REXconnect - I use it all the time to quickly create tasks and calendar entries from email and to email vCards and iCals from Address Book and Calendar. When I run into a thrid party application that isn’t driectly supported (like viigo), I’m annoyed by the lack of what has become basic functionality….

  6. 6 Guillermo

    What about a flashlight app… I know you can already do it with the video camera.. but it’d be nice if you could just do it in one click.

  7. 7 uncleman

    since when does poynt do reverse lookup? and how do you do it?

  8. 8 uncleman

    Edit to my earlier post. I see now that the reverse lookup feature will be added in a future update, due soon, but not out yet……

  9. 9 Kyle

    The version of Poynt I’m using is an unreleased preview that has the Reverse Phone Directory feature built into it.

    This isn’t a leak or anything considering I’ve already shown the feature on our Best of WES page:

  10. 10 cody

    How bout vlingo or someother voice to txt app. I’m still praying to the app gods to make a text/email reader. We have apps to use voice to text and email why not one that reads your texts and emails to you? I’m on the go all day so having messages read to me while driving then reply with voice would be the greatest app ever

  11. 11 cody

    Also how bout a memory and battery booster? it seems that would be the easiest for them to add and would save me 9.99$ for each app. (Not that they help me neways)

    On twitter @bb_sawx

  12. 12 Chuck Gosh

    I’m astonished that I cannot edit my Blackberry’s data on anything other than its tinykeys. This is just inexcusable.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, just buy a $35 proprietary external keyboard. You’re missing the point. I’ve already got plenty of proprietary crap laying around to accommodate other manufacturers’ incomplete products. This is just software, and the folks in charge at BB haven’t deemed my needs worthy enough to write the code. Maybe they all have tiny fingers and never learned to touch-type. Maybe this is their first address book. Maybe they’ve never Hotsync’ed a Palm.

    Perhaps Palm has spoiled me, but I just took it for granted that, when I sync my data from my PDA to my laptop, I should be able to view and edit on the laptop, then sync again and get the updated info on my PDA (also handy for multiple users, a secretary updating my calendar, etc.). Full-size keyboard and mouse, large monitor, calendar, contacts, tasks, update my PDA’s data while I’m working on my laptop — Palm has let me do all that for 15 years.

    The Bluetooth on my Curve doesn’t connect to anything that will do so, either.

    Copying my entire address book from my old Palm to my new Curve using its tinykeys isn’t a joke, it’s a travesty (since there’s no feature to transfer my old contacts). I will NEVER get another Blackberry, just because of this single, total failure. Seems I’m locked into Palm until Blackberry produces a true business-class product. Palm Pre, here I come.

    Palm’s failures for software and hardware over the years are legendary; I’d think BB would take advantage of that.

    I’m not sure who’s in charge down there, but they really missed the boat on this one.

  13. 13 Susan Brew

    Hey, I just transferred all my Palm data to a blackberry easily, by first syncing my palm with Outlook. I spent time cleaning up contact list entries, adding “categories” for unclassified entries, etc. I can edit, compose, etc. in all applications on my PC through Outlook and sync my address book, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.. If I understand your issue correctly, perhaps you are only experiencing a problem with not being able to sync your blackberry to a Palm desktop application. Good luck.


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