Top 10 free software for BlackBerry - May 2009

It has been a while since I’ve done a Top 10 free apps for BlackBerry and there have been some new players recently. Here is a quick list of my favorite 10 free apps in no particular order:

1. Google Latitude - This app is great for meeting friends and generally spying on folks.
2. Viigo - The best RSS reader for BlackBerry and they’re growing exponentially.
3. YouMail - Doesn’t work with Rogers but I’ve heard great things about it, post-bug fixes.
4. Poynt - The reverse phone directory and LBS features make this a must-have app. [App World]
5. BBCool Mobile - The people at Polar Mobile did a wonderful job making our app.
6. UberTwitter - A very nice Twitter client for those that don’t have invites for Social Scope.
7. App World - Not sure if this counts but everyone should have App World by now.
8. BBFileScout - A simple and effective file manager that should be native to the device.
9. MobiPocket eBook Reader - This is an eBook reader as well as creator.
10. App - You can’t beat Amazon prices and now you can order on the go.

4 Responses to “Top 10 free software for BlackBerry - May 2009”

  1. 1 JP

    I would also suggest these, which, in my opinion, should be in the top 10 already:
    Google Maps
    Opera Mini
    Google Mobile App (with voice search)

  2. 2 Andrew

    I concur with JP, the Facebook 1.5 is actually really good, and I haven’t tried it yet, but SocialScope is supposed to be just amazing I am still waiting for a beta invite… Also The Weather network’s push app., is pretty slick - I use it all the time now.

  3. 3 kathie hurle

    Trapster is a free police radar detector application….but you need to gave an att navigator (GPS) pais subscription….its awesome it finds speed traps while driving through your blackberry! try it

  4. 4 kathie hurle

    let me fix this!….free blackberry app. to use with paid BB gps service…..radar detection and speed traps…..come through on your BB awesome tool

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