Top 5 sites for posting to social media from your BlackBerry

Your BlackBerry can be used in a wide variety of ways for interacting with social media and networks. One of these ways is via email. There are several sites out there that allow you to send media to them via email, and have that media pushed to your facebook and social networks. I’ve taken the time to roundup 5 of these sites; my favorite being Posterous.


Posterous allows you to publish anything online via email and their facebook integration is terrific. I have it set so that every time I upload 3 or more photos, a new album is created in facebook. When there is less than three, they get published in a ‘Posterous’ album. In one particular album, I have over 250 pics!

Posterous also has integrations with Twitter most other social networks, so for me it has become my go-to option for online publishing. All you need to do to get started on Posterous is send an email to


Just like their name indicates, pixelpipe is a ‘pipe’ that can publish media to pretty much every social service online. They assign you a unique email to which you can send anything to and they will take care of piping it to all the profiles you have setup. There facebook integration isn’t quite like Posterous and that’s why it’s number 2.

3. also has email upload/sharing support and they work with all the major sites as well. My only qualm with is that I’m not a huge fan of their interface for viewing media that you’ve uploaded.


Utterli has a facebook app that appears on your profile as a box. When you upload media to Utterli it gets posted on their site and routed to the box on your Facebook profile page. The downside with utterli-facebook is that it won’t populate native Facebook albums like posterous does.

5. Windows Live Gallery

If you have Windows Live Gallery, there is an opensource plugin for it called LiveUpload to facebook that will make uploading pictures to facebook easy. Once installed, open Windows Live Gallery, select the pictures that you want to upload, go to Publish > More Services and select LiveUpload to facebook.

I hope this helps others. Please comment if you know of other ways to post pictures via email to Facebook or if you liked what you read.

[Thanks to Kyle Kemper of Vayyoo for this post]

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