Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS now available

Verizon BB Storm

The latest OS update for the BlackBerry Storm, OS, will be ready for official download Sunday, May 31st, from 3PM EST. Verizon will also be rolling this update out to customers through an OTA download beginning Sunday night (10pm Eastern Time). To get the download OTA, go to Options>Advanced Options>Wireless Updates.

Download the Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS from


8 Responses to “Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS now available”

  1. 1 Ryan Farley

    The “now available” title is misleading since the update, as mentioned in the post, won’t be available until Sunday May 31st.

  2. 2 DavidB

    “coming soon” would be more accurate but probably not as attention grabbing.

  3. 3 CJ

    Who really cares since any Storm user with good sense is already rockin’ this OS?

  4. 4 Jeff

    Misleading? Its a completely wrong - someone must have gone away for the weekend.

  5. 5 Andre

    Just got the update on my phone and I have to say it’s a definite improvement over what we’ve been force to deal with on the Storm. So far, using it put a huge smile on my face. It’s a noticeable difference in this version over .075

    Will give more updates later.

  6. 6 Paul

    People just wait until tomorrow after 3Pm Eastern Time……

  7. 7 ST

    It’s still not up yet

  1. 1 Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS now available | Blackberry News

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