Zenprise enables large scale BlackBerry management and locating

Zenprise is announcing the launch of Device Manager, a new module for Zenprise MobileManager that enables organizations to remotely manage BlackBerry devices. The system will pinpoint the exact location of a missing BlackBerry, while also enabling remote management of BlackBerry devices.

This announcement from Zenprise represents a significant jump in empowering enterprise to mobilize their business. MobileManager will help desk personnel and BlackBerry administrators to find lost or stolen devices, proactively monitor and diagnose device issues and audit devices for third party applications – all leading to significant cost savings, improved service levels and corporate compliance.

Zenprise’s Device Manager device task manager capabilities help desk administrators get real time updates about devices under their control. With Device Manager, they visibility into the status and memory usage for all applications, available and used memory on the device, and overall network performance.

Zenprise can collect a host of information in an agentless mode (i.e. no agent is installed on the device). For real time, more detailed information, the help desk administrator can simply click on the “Connect to Device” tab in the screenshot above. This launches the Zenprise Device Manager.

Zenprise Device Manager’s device auditor capabilities identify all third party applications installed on the device. In the example above, the user has violated corporate security policies by installing non-approved applications from ESPN, Google, & Magmic Games.

Zenprise Device Manager’s device locator capabilities are a great added feature. Zenprise retrieves the GPS coordinates from the BlackBerry device and automatically plots the coordinates on Google Maps.

Consider the following facts when thinking about locating a device via GPS:

  • NY’s LaGuardia airport has 70,000 unclaimed laptops and PDAs in lost and found
  • Phones are lost 15x more frequently than PCs
  • In the UK, phone theft is the #1 personal crime

2 Responses to “Zenprise enables large scale BlackBerry management and locating”

  1. 1 Pat McGroin

    Gee, cuz I really love the idea of my employer being able to track me 24/7

  2. 2 Mike W

    Seriously, this has to be one of the worst ideas ever. Company requires employee to carry the blackberry, and then any administrator at the company can find out the employee’s location anytime they want?

    How do you prevent abuse? This is RIDICULOUSLY bad for privacy, as described in this article.

    This might make sense if the employee had a private password they could set and then later give to the administrator to unlock tracking on their blackberry. That way it could be tracked only with the employee’s consent.

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