Free Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly theme for the BlackBerry Curve 8300

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Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist who is now famous in the fashion and design community. His clothes are popular and his themes are surely going to be a hit too.

The Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly theme is available free for the BlackBerry Curve 8300 series.

Download the Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly theme OTA.
Download the Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly theme for your desktop.


  • shelbe
    The people that Slather as you say their body have a passion for art! you dumb shit. And do you think they do it for your comments or for you interests ? NO! Its for them not you ! So get a life and stop bashing people with their love for ART !
  • zoewhite
    Nice, how can i install it?
  • MysticMinx
    I'm with Smackdye , ... It says Ed Hardy theme so if your not into Ed Hardy why are you looking at it? Different strokes for different folks.
  • unknown
    LMFAO ! Im guessing you guys who are bitching about ed hardy and shit cant afford it thats why you hate it so much. stfu about ed hardy!! ed hardy is the best clothing ever!
    U all gay as fuk! ed hardy all da way ya bunch of fags! get a grip and wank me off wiv ya bum!
  • angee
    Hey he is a famous tat artist has a line of fashion wear too some don't like the ink products or show rather have ed do a tat for me this artistic than some stupid tat of bugs bunny that looks like a five year old drew it don't like it don't download it however he is listed as one of the best tat artist that's what it is. His fashion wear sells faster than it can be filled
  • supply edhardy
    please browse our website http://www.edhardydiscount.good and cheap products are for will have a good harvest here
  • Smackdye
    Hey all you dicks out there that's complaining about this theme....if ya don't ike it don't download it..personaly I don't like this tattoos though, just not this theme..however I'm not going to act like a "tween" and post all ki nds of negitive stuff about the people that do like this people are no better than the losers that use twitter, amd face book , and myspace..ur al a bunch of kids grow up
  • gross
    how much more douchey can you get??
    just use a picture of your dog as the background, like every normal person.
  • justin
    Too bad it doesn't work on all 8300 phones. I wish it did. 8350i
  • kissmyaster (Amanda Thomsen)
    RT @Arkie Free Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly theme for BB Curve 8300
  • Shallow
    Agreed, Ed Hardy sux. If I wanted tween graphics I would just go to Hot Topic. "Ohh a skull on your bberry, are you Johnny Depp?"
  • antonio
    How do I install?
  • Original?
    I have to agree taco. Ed Hardy screams douche in my book. But those idiots that slather their body in this garbage will no doubt want it all over their phone as well. Personally I'm glad this trend exists. You spot someone in Ed Hardy or other overly silk screened 'graphic garbage' attire and it's like seeing red in nature. Beware of douchebag!
  • Taco
    Good lord. I'm usually ambivalent about themes, but this one is just retarded.
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