BlackBerry Tip: homescreen and browser efficiency

The menus within the BlackBerry OS can be a little overwhelming to some users, but once you start exploring these options you can tweak many settings and make your device more intuitive.

Homescreen Setup

Organizing your top six icons based on your most used apps is simple and effective. If you use the memory cleaner often (which you should) then enabling the home screen icon will save you from digging through the menus to get to it.

Options> security options>memory cleaning>enable, then switch the show home screen icon option to yes.

Make sure to aggregate all your web content into a single RSS reader so you don’t have to go clicking around. Similarly there are a few weather applications available that include homescreen icons which will let you view current conditions with a single glance at your screen.

Another easy way to make the home screen work for you is by taking advantage of the search feature which is often over looked. If your not familiar with search go ahead and Move the icon from the applications folder to the home folder and start playing around with it. You now have a way to perform a system wide search directly from your home screen without going into individual applications to look up information such as an upcoming event in your calendar or an old email. If you’d like an even more powerful search tool, try Intelliberry.

Browser Power

The BlackBerrys native browser is fairly powerful and will render pages accurately when configured properly. The key to a pleasant web experience is remembering that you are using a mobile device and its okay to view mobile optimized pages.

Start by turning javascript support off in the browser configuration menu and you’ll notice a significant increase in speed when loading pages. Leaving the browser identification option set to BlackBerry will ensure you are presented with mobile optimized web pages when available.

Under the general properties menu Set image quality to medium and the repeat animations option to never which will take some of the work load off the browser.

Following these steps will result in a smooth web surfing experience without the dreaded hour glass popping up constantly. For a true desktop style experience you’ll need to install a third party browser onto your device.

Currently you only have two options, BOLT and Opera mini Although Skyfire is on its way for the BlackBerry platform. Personally I prefer Bolt over Opera because of its layout and interface plus most of the BlackBerry device’s native hot keys work within Bolt. Besides the PC-like surfing experience you’ll get, its also nice to have the ability of having both your native browser and your third party browser open at the same time allowing you to view multiple pages at once which will immediately make you wonder how you managed to survive without the advantages of dual browsers.

Stay tuned next week for more BlackBerry Tips.

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  1. 1 Steve Occhiogrosso

    The Issue with turning on Memory cleaner is that it tends to turn itself off in Content Protection is not enabled.

    Plus the memory cleaner does clean up “file free” but more so any sensitive information (certificates, Passwords) in the active memory of the phone. It’s more of a security feature so if someone was to steal a BlackBerry Smartphone and take it apart the memory would not contain anything sensitive if they were to access the physical memory.

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