Chinese BlackBerry clone calls itself BlockBerry

In Chinese this reads “”Obama have BlackBerry, I have BlockBerry.” This BlockBerry device is a Windows Mobile 6.1 BlockBerry with a 460MHZ processor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and supports 3G and EDGE.

Does this mean that the above device is a BlockBerry Storm? I can’t wait until they launch the BlockBerry Tour in China.


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  1. 1 chinanetwork (China Network )

    Chinese BlackBerry clone calls itself BlockBerry | BlackBerry Cool: In Chinese this reads Obama have BlackBerry,..

  2. 2 taweili (David Li) “Obama have BlackBerry, I have BlockBerry.” #greendam preloaded?

  3. 3 Nor

    But the skin looks way better than the official BlackBerry Storm Theme.
    Well done, but i´d better never touch it it´ll break into pieces immediately. :)

    Have a nice day.

  4. 4 Godismyrock (Kyle Stroud)

    Chinese ‘BlockBerry’ is a fake! Check it:

  5. 5 Derek

    Lol! The ‘BlockBerry Storm’ running HTC’s TouchFlo GUI! RIP-OFF!

  6. 6 Si

    Wow, someone’s going to get rightly sued!!!!

    Bet you any money this thing bursts in to flames the first time it’s charged because it will have been made from sketchy parts with no health and safety regulations in a factory where the line workers are paid in chickens!

  7. 7 LagunaGrrl

    This isn’t surprising considering the Chinese have a gestalt identity crisis as it is. But it is disappointing that they would resort to something this stupid despite the fact that they’ve been lamenting about how the West have robbed them of their pride, their dignity, and their history.

    If China wants to become a serious competitor in the global market, they’re going to have to work harder to merge in more seamlessly with existing product standards while developing their own proprietary technologies.

  8. 8 ask16 (AK)

    WTF? look at that logo! - Chinese BlackBerry clone calls itself Blockberry

  9. 9 Mordechai

    Er…LagunaGrrl, China already is a serious global competitor and most of the world knows that(unless you’ve been living in a hole). It buying of US treasury Bonds is basically the only thing propping up the US economy.

    The issue here is that China could not care what the world thinks. The producers of the ‘Blockberry’ are targeting the billion people in China’s population.

    If lets say 10 percent of the population is middle class that’s over a 100 million people who could be buying a ‘blockberry’. That’s already a third of the population of the US and probably a bigger market than blackberry has in the US.

    I’ve seen a few of the knockoffs being sold in China…and I would not laugh at them thinking ‘inferior’…they basically have privvy to all the technology and manufacturing techniques because all these international companies manufacture anyway in China. I’d be scared they could come this far this fast.

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