Free open source BlackBerry app from BrightKite

The BrightKite blog has announced an open source BlackBerry app called BrightBerry. The code was made open source by Chris Hallgren, and is available with OS 4.5 and higher.

BrightBerry currently lets you:

* View and navigate your streams (Friends, Nearby, Universe, Mentions, and User)
* Post a Note to your current location
* Check in to Placemarks
* Send and receive Direct Messages
* View and post comments on a post

The following features are not yet available with BrightBerry but are currently being worked on:

* Posting photos from camera capture and media viewer
* Sending and responding to Friend Requests
* Creation of Placemarks
* Viewing a Place Stream
* Improving load times on streams
* Creating a better GUI based on the iPhone app

Download BrightBerry by visiting from your BlackBerry Browser.

If you’re a developer, feel free to contribute to the project and visit the GitHub project profile for more info.


3 Responses to “Free open source BlackBerry app from BrightKite”

  1. 1 anthony

    Tried to set up. Tells me either my user name or password is incorrect or connection type is wrong.

  2. 2 Robert Woodside

    Also check out Centrl, they also just released their BB app, pretty cool LBSN -

  1. 1 Free open source BlackBerry app from BrightKite | Blackberry News

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