Mobile Tag’s mobile barcode linking service debuts for BlackBerry

French 2d barcode company Mobile Tag announced new Mobile Tag barcode reading software for BlackBerry. The software uses the BlackBerry Bold’s video recording features to actively sample the barcode and process the tag’s info. Other BlackBerry models use their camera feature and require the user to “snap” a barcode scan. Contact tags are used to securely exchange contact info. Web tags are used for promotion from billboards, magazines and web pages, providing more info, and even managing virtual coupons.

To Download Mobile Tag for BlackBerry, visit their PC download page, or Permalink

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11 Responses to “Mobile Tag’s mobile barcode linking service debuts for BlackBerry”

  1. 1 jhfisher

    the app is only french language?

  2. 2 mdNomad

    yup… its only in French

  3. 3 jhfisher

    mon dieu!

  4. 4 PHADE

    Change The Language of The Website!!!

  5. 5 Jeff

    très décevant

  6. 6 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    Mobile Tag?s mobile barcode linking service debuts for BlackBerry

  7. 7 gonzoanthro

    You know what France needs?

    More Americans

  8. 8 jeff

    I lived in France for a while and then a couple of years in Miami. Guess which one I felt most like a foreigner in?

  9. 9 Phreqd

    Every link on the sites ends in a 404 error…

  10. 10 jimmy

    Here’s the download page:

  11. 11 CFV

    I love Paris :-)

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