New Qualcomm technology could mean 1.3GHz BlackBerry

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Qualcomm has recently developed a 1.3GHz CPU that is intended for the mobile space. The CPU comes with an upgrade to the Snapdragon line of mobile processors. The QSD8650A jumps from the previous 1GHz to a new 1.3GHz but is also Qualcomm’s first 45 nanometer processor; it’s about 30 percent faster than its predecessor but simultaneously uses 30 percent less average power than earlier parts. Video performance in 3D and elsewhere has also been given a boost, the company says.

So what could this mean for BlackBerry? Well as you know, Qualcomm provides the chipset for CDMA BlackBerry devices. Currently, Qualcomm is powering the BlackBerry Storm with a an MSM7600 CPU. Hopefully, Qualcomm will take its latest 1.3GHz CPU and license it to RIM for future devices.

The chip provides support for 3G over either CDMA or UMTS networks as well as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. It can likewise support displays as large as WXGA (usually 1366×768) as well as TV tuning through formats like FLO TV in the US or DVB-H in Europe. In spite of its high clock speed, the new Snapdragon is efficient enough for smartphones and uses less than 10 mW of power at idle.


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