The BlackBerry Cool App Store - better than App World

The BlackBerry Cool App Store is live and I’m serious when I say it’s better than App World. Here are some of the reasons why users should shop in the BlackBerry Cool App Store:

  • Deal-of-the-Day: Exclusive offer of a new top-selling app every day for 50% off
  • Specials: Loads of discounted apps and bundles can be found daily
  • Themes, themes, and more themes: we offer thousands of themes (App World doesn’t carry themes)
  • Over 5,000 Apps which can be browsed by category, top free, top paid, and new
  • Great everyday prices: app are priced as low as $0.99 versus App World minimum price of $2.99
  • Fast pay with credit card — eliminates the need for a Paypal account (we will be adding Paypal mobile soon)
  • Dedicated customer service – to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Automatic version-tracking – instant update for every app on the user phone
  • Superior performance (screen loads and user interface)

Check it out!

To celebrate the launch of the App Store we have created a grand-opening sale with 20% off all software from June 3 through June 14. Coupon code is “APPSTORE” only usable from within the AppStore client.

In addition, during the first week of the launch we have lined up an amazing set of Deal-of-the-Day products which, as noted above, will be offered for 50% off. These products include Real iBerry Blocks, Ace Email Viewer, Solitaire Buddy Gold, VibAndRing, Aerize Email Alerts, EasyTip, Empower Work Folders, TaskMaster, and Aerize Card Loader among others.

10 Responses to “The BlackBerry Cool App Store - better than App World”

  1. 1 D-Man

    Dude. It’s a freakin’ website. You can’t exactly compare that to App World.

  2. 2 yada

    Every app I attempt to download displays on its download page a message stating that the app requires the module “CM,” which my Storm is missing.

  3. 3 Psycada

    Any chance for a launcher?

    Also, I am a big fan of free apps, and tend to avoid paid apps if I can. However, in each of the app stores I have checked out, none have a section for just free apps. I have seen the top free apps section, but it doesn’t seem to included all of the free apps offered. Am I missing something? If not, could a section dedicated to free apps be added at some point?

    Thanks Much

  4. 4 RLee

    Why is there a photo of a blackberry STORM with the app in full screen, when it is not!? I really hate apps that are not made specifically for the storm. The half-screen in portrait mode and having to use a pearl-like scroll is just lame (fine for some people). But any app like that is swiftly UNINSTALLED from my Storm.

  5. 5 Psycada

    RLee: It’s not an app. It’s a web page. Have fun uninstalling the web from your storm, but I think you’re going to need it. :-)

  6. 6 yada

    @D-Man and Psycada: It’s not the web, it’s an app.

    @RLee: It *is* written for the Storm; it *does* take up the full screen, and it uses both the select and click screen gestures. So yeah, it’s a Storm app — it just doesn’t work in my case, since it appears to be missing a required application module. (Tried reinstalling twice.)

  7. 7 BlackBerryCool (BlackBerry Cool)

    The BlackBerry Cool App Store - better than App World

  8. 8 TrevorGoff (TrevorGoff)

    RT @BlackBerryCool: The BlackBerry Cool App Store - better than App World

  9. 9 gmbnard (Nard)

    The BlackBerry Cool App Store - better than App World

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