The official Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS impressions


The new BlackBerry Storm OS has made some long awaited improvements. RIM and Verizon Wireless have done a good job of meeting many consumer demands. Although the update has been leaked for some time, it is now official and fully tested. You will now find your BlackBerry to be faster, more responsive and the camera has a neat update.

The new selection tool that we found in OS is still around and makes the copy and paste system much easier. When selecting text, you get a little box that can be slid either way to adjust your selection. Before this update, it was very difficult to select text because it was hidden beneath your fingers. Now you can select text accurately.

One of the major updates to the BlackBerry Storm includes an improved camera interface. When you take a picture with the camera, you’ll see a preview rather than a white screen. This is helpful because you’ll know immediately whether to take another, or save the file.

Another great update to the BlackBerry Storm comes with a slightly better web browsing experience. The latest Storm update makes for a more stable BlackBerry Browser experience. The latest browser update also comes with a little green “Go” button, which should help those new to the mobile browsing experience. Other than that, expect pages to look a little better, with pictures being clearer and the browser a little faster to load.

Before the most recent update, users had to download applications such as TalkLock, to ensure that they wouldn’t press the mute, end or speakerphone button during the call. This has been fixed in the most recent update along with a few other simple adjustments to make the phone experience more enjoyable. The signal strength indicators are more accurate and calls sound a little clearer.

Overall, this is a really great update to the BlackBerry Storm and I have a new-found love for the device.

Download the Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS from

See pictures of the complete changelog for the latest BlackBerry Storm update.

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  1. 1 Matt

    How has the problem with inadvertently pressing the mute, end or speakerphone button during the call been fixed? The screen still doesn’t lock during a call. Do we still need TalkLock or is there a setting on the phone I’m missing? Thanks.

  2. 2 Kyle

    @Matt - I may have been a little too enthusiastic about the word choice in the article. The issue has been worked on but that’s not to say it will never happen. The change log reports:

    “Enhancements to ensure that features such as speakerphone, mute, etc. are not inadvertently accessed when holding the phone up to the ear.”

    Although I haven’t had the issue since upgrading, it’s been “enhanced,” not fixed.

  3. 3 steve

    This update is incredible. The best part is the accuracy of the keyboard when typing. The update provides a new full qwerty keyboard in portrait mode. The keys on screen are amazingly small and my expectation was that it would be even more prone to mistakes. Not the case at all. I have yet to make a mistake typing fast on the new keyboard…and that is in portrait qwerty mode.

    In landscape mode, the keys are obviously the same size, but accuracy has been dramatically improved there…no more fat finger mistakes.

    This is now a quality blackberry as opposed to what I used to think was a real miss by RIM.

  4. 4 angela

    You can lock the phone when on a call. I was shown that there is a home menu (looks like a house icon in the middle of the screen on the bottom) you can press that right when you answer your call and it brings you to the home menu and I haven’t had an issue yet.

  5. 5 Jason

    @Steve, I totally agree. Although I have had the release for awhile, it has prevented me from a move back to at&t and iPhone. I was one of the few happy to get rid of the iphone now that feeling has validity!

  6. 6 Matt

    @angela Thank you for that tip. I would have never thought to use that as a way of “locking” the phone during a call.

  7. 7 Andre

    Just starting downloading now I’ve been waiting for this. I was even thinking about switching to the iphone soon especially if they were to release the storm 2 before this update. Now all they need is a ton more applications and I will be a lot more happy

  8. 8 Andre

    this new update is horrible I would just like to comment Ive been on customer service for 20min so far. Problems are I cant make or receive calls I don’t recommend updating your phone until all the bugs get fixed.

  9. 9 Stephen

    @andre you may have more problems than just the update.

    1. So far no random 5:30-6pm random resets.
    2. New post-shot camera interface very nice.
    3. Only problem I had was manually restoring my settings. Installer failed to do it automatically on 2 different phones on 2 different computers (didnt try OTA update)
    4. QWERTY in portrait is a winner.
    5. New weird overlay over text entry boxes.
    6. Might just be me, but browsing the net in BB browser and Bolt seems a lot faster. But that might just be from updating the service books and routing after the update.

    @angela thank you for the tip, I too would never have clicked dat little house.

  10. 10 Anthony

    The update is amazing, however, whenever music advances to the next song it starts off on mute and you have to hit the volume buttom to bring the volume back up to the previous level. Anyone else having a similar problem or discover a fix?

  11. 11 Travis

    ….this update just brought me a little bit closer to God!

  12. 12 Johnny

    I love the new upgrades 2 the storm. I really like the fact that if you lock the phone the screen will not display unless you hit one of the four keys at the bottom. saves on the battery life

  13. 13 art

    @Anthony I am having the same problem, any help is appreciated

  14. 14 Kelly

    When I try to download the upgrade, it fails and gives me the message, “Upgrade request failed. Try again later or upgrade using BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer”. What gives?

  15. 15 Jerome

    Not sure what is wrong in my case and my neice. We updated this week and both have the same issues. Phone responds very slow to everything. When I get an e-mail message, if flashes crazy inconsistent text across two full lines at the top of the window, then the message appears. My battery life has been draining in about 10 hours compared to 18 hours before the update. Never had these issues before. On her phone there is now an little clock in the middle of the window that runs when she selects almost anything…….Reminds me of the Windows Hour Glass….watch this while you wait!

  16. 16 Melissa

    So the update on the storm was great at first, but i started to noticed that my phone was acting slower then before. My phones freezes more then anything, from getting a call to text message. It never did that before until I did this update. My friend is having the same problems with her phone.
    Did we miss something that is causing our phones to act really slow?

  17. 17 Johnny

    I have 4 suggestions for anyone who may be having problems with their initial down load. 1st, reset your storm by taking the battery out. Second, make sure you have available space. You may even need to get rid of all your apps, even if the space is available (that worked for me). Third, try downloading the upgrade in the morning and in a location where your tower strength is the strongest. Finally, make sure that when you begin your down-loading the phone is plugged in because the process really drains the battery. If you have already downloaded the program just redue it. I (had) the same problems with the freezes untill a phone geek (verizon employee) helped me out. No promises…..let me know what happens

  18. 18 Melissa

    @Johnny oh ok thanks ill give it a try .. Do u think I if downgrade the updates and reinstall the new update would work ..

  19. 19 Scott

    This update crashed my Storm. Once installed the screen went dark and the LED indicator started flashing. I tried hooking it up to the computer but there was no connectivity. I now have a new phone coming through the mail, but have lost most of my contacts. Back up your phones before you install the update!!!

  20. 20 Johnny

    @ Melissa, If im correct I think it will allow you to reinstall the same program. It may tell you that u already have the program but continue with the process.

    @ Scott, dont’t give up on the phone because once you get your new (used) phone it should already have the updated program. If it does not, try some of my earlier suggestions; no promises. The only thing I hate about getting a new phone from verizon is that it will be a referbished one. Whats that all about. Oh yea, before you send your phone back go to a Verizon dealer so that they can transfer your contacts over to the other phone. Good luck bro.

  21. 21 Derek

    i cant even download it, it says that i dont have enough memory. ill try deleting some things and ill get back to you

  22. 22 Bernie L.

    New update made everything faster. Much better camera function. So far, the only issue I’ve found is when a picture stored on the card or device is set as background, it does not size to the screen as before and there is no “edit” function.

  23. 23 Debbie

    I had figured out a work around to get predictive (sure type) in multi-tap portrait mode; then I upgraded and can’t do it anymore. Does anyone know how to get this feature back? I think originally it was a bug but it works great for me.

  24. 24 Kevin

    On does anyone have an issue of getting double or triple letters with just 1 push of the letter? This is the only thing that is really annoying, it is making typing fast impossible.

  25. 25 Craig

    I have been trying all day to free up enough memory for the upgrade. Every time I delete a program and clear th ebattery there is either no improvment or even worse. Very frutrating.

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